Unsupported Dune Island, USA 0.4.1

An Island with Sand Dunes, Roads and Trails

  1. RedRoosterFarm
    Facts about Dune Island:
    • Located somewhere in the US
    • It is a large inhabited island with trails, short roads and some dunes
    • On the Southeast side of the island there is a small vacation town and docks
    • On the South side there is an old airstrip which is good for drag races
    • There is a 2 mile two-lane Highway loop on the Southern half of the island
    • An old sawmill
    • To the Northeast there is sharp cliffs and a Lighthouse which have been in a few stories because of what happened there in the 50's
    • To the west there is two natural bays with islands
    • Mud Bog
    • AI / Navigation support
    • Moving Windmill

    • And maybe an Easter egg or two
    The first map made with sand dunes for BeamNG...

    This also includes: 4 license plates to go with the island, 11 skins and 13 scenarios!


    To Install:
    Drop in mods folder...

    • Remember this is a beta so expect to see minor bugs/lag

    Known Bugs:
    • Oversized Road signs

    BTW: This is a 2048x2048 map

    screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00029.png screenshot_00032.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00021.png screenshot_00031.png screenshot_00053.png screenshot_00050.png screenshot_00043.png screenshot_00044.png screenshot_00076_upload.png screenshot_00058_UPLOAD.png screenshot_00062_upload.png

    Please do not upload to any other sites or release mods of this map without my blessing... Capiche?

Recent Reviews

  1. To'afa
    Version: 0.4.1
  2. thijsyy
    Version: 0.4.1
  3. Alex Bourne
    Alex Bourne
    Version: 0.4.1
    I downloaded the map and when I spawn in I see Oversized Road signs. When I try to drive around them it stops me. Apparently there's invisible barriers. I have to feel for them when I drive around. please Fix this issue!
    1. RedRoosterFarm
      Author's Response
      This is bug caused by the 0.9 update... will be fixed in a map update...
  4. Boris2015[RUS][DE]
    Version: 0.4.1
    Best map
  5. BNG-FUN
    Version: 0.4.1
    1. RedRoosterFarm
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great in depth review!
  6. xXxMadStallionxXx
    Version: 0.4.1
    this is a great map. i like Clifftown the best
  7. cookies and milk
    cookies and milk
    Version: 0.4.0
    Awsome but one thing.The swat livery dosent show up
  8. JayPlaysBeamNG
    Version: 0.4.0
    yeaaah The story of Clifton has bugon...
  9. Nokia
    Version: 0.3.0
    really good map, but what happened in Cliffton?!
    1. RedRoosterFarm
      Author's Response
      I am planning on a "storyline" with scenarios to tell the story....
  10. ytbe hu99u
    ytbe hu99u
    Version: 0.3.0
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