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DuneWulff's Custom Config Pack 12/21/2017

A vehicular cacophony featuring a hundredsome configs w/ custom powertrain parts + skins

  1. Birds of Malaise

    • Hypercane D-series (D-series also has two new hoods. First models I've made in-game. Don't be too harsh.)
    • Buzzard D-series
    • Pearl Top Barstow
    • Birdwatching H-series
    • Rez Runner Moonhawk
    • Old Project Moonhawk
    • Sparrowhawk Edition Moonhawk
    • 501 Flycatcher Moonhawk
    • Nighthawk Edition Burnside Special
    Also added a collection of custom loading screens.

  2. A Devil's Winter

    Christmas Update!
    Added configs:
    1. Quick and Crisp H-series - Normal Delivery Van with custom soundscape
    2. Freezy Pete's H-series - Featuring randomly selected forum members and a cusotm soundscape
    3. Santa's Backup - A loaded, festive Barstow
    4. Devil's Advocate Barstow - Black windows, black tails, and a blood-red and black paint scheme. Complimented with the stereotypical "villain" back-end-low front-end-high car stance.
    5. Thunder Hopper also got a new skin (still needs a new...
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  3. Toot Your Own Horn

    Added some horns. :cool:
    • EXCLAMATION Stunt cars now have musical horns
    • LOUD PIPES Moonhawk now drops sick beats when your press the horn
    • Rice/stickerbomb cars now have Memey Airhorns
    • The Ramrod and Stonewall D-series have Freighter horns
    Note - these can be added to any car, as well.
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  4. The Pioneer Shakes

    Update adds a few configs and mostly fixes stuff that broke with new updates.
    • Frontiersman ETK 800 (skin is 80% finished) - based on another car ;)
    • Derby Trembler Barstow (also based on another car)
    • Restomod Burnside - it has flames
    1. Crash loading SBR4s with custom engines/transaxles/exhaust/intakes
    2. Fixed LOUD PIPES Moonhawk blowing engine upon full acceleration
    3. Fixed VIP ETKi Series blowing engine
    4. Bonneville Speedsta has had a...
  5. All That Glitters

    ...is just candy metallic paint.
    Added three metallic/candy paint job configs. One for each:
    • Burnside
    • Barstow
    • Moonhawk
  6. Loud Feathers

    Quick update to add:
    1. Ruffled Feathers track 200BX
    2. LOUD PIPES gasser Moonhawk (with absurd, laggy supercharger and metallic candy paint)
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  7. A Day at the Track

    A few changes and fixes in this update:
    • Carbon Vega Bolide now comes with ESC
    • Custom T-series now has a new skin.
    • Two new engines for the Covet (one with better heat capacity and one with that and more power)
    • Two new intake systems for the Covet
      • WULFF Mockingbird (slightly more powerful than stage 2 with a steeper power curve)
      • WULFF Kookaburra (just adds a lot of horses, lol)
    • Covet now has ESC and TCS as an option
    • 200BX now has a blown engine...
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    Plymouth Valiants beware the fury of a rusty rig.

    oh yeah and a Bonneville Salt Flats Burnside with extremely tall gears for top speed. :p

    This will likely be the last update for a week (more likely longer than that)
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  9. Plus 1

    Forgot a config from last update.
    The Bloodfeather 1996 Pessima. Another FlatOut derby racer with a 500HP Panzer V6.

  10. Black Rust

    Added configs:
    • Slow N Steady DryVan
    • RIGID ROCK DryVan
    • Better Days Box Van
    • Judas Roamer (murdered out)
    • All Hallow D-series (for Halloween)
    • Hoodoo 82 ETKi Baja
    and a couple random little fixes.