Beta Duramax Diesel Engine Addon for D-Series/H-Series/Roamer/Grand Marshal/Hopper

Add the awesome realism of GM/Isuzu Diesel Engines to your in-game vehicles!

  1. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.2.1) (Major)

    • Added Oil Cooler
    • Removed Various "Empty" Slots that didn't make sense
    • Added LMM Engine to all vehicles (Late Model)
    • Adjusted 10 Speed Allision Torque Convertor Values
    • Fixed missing gear shifter from Hopper when a manual is equipped
    • Added "Modern Brodozer" config to D-Series
    • Fixed typo in Hopper crawler configuration
    • Added all engines to Burnside
    • Added Hoodstack to Burnside (More vehicles to come)
  2. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.2.0) (Major)

    Here is the long-awaited v0.2.0. Took a long time to get just right so I hope you enjoy!

    • Added LLY, LB7, LML, and L5P engine variations
    • Added engines to Hopper, Grand Marshal
    • Fixed sounds
    • Added ECUs
    • Added Custom Tune
    • Added Fuel Injectors, Adjustable Fuel Injectors
    • Added Custom Exhausts to Hopper, Grand Marshal
    • Added more tuning options
    Known Bugs:
    • Incompatible with RK's Customizable Engines mod, due to the way the game handles...
  3. Duramax Diesel Engines ( (Minor)

    I have fixed the issues with v22 of BeamNG.

    + Added engine mounts
    + Fixed missing sounds for H-Series
    + Fixed and tuned missing starter sounds for all vehicles
    - Decreased file size
    - Updated all configs for new update
  4. Duramax Diesel Engine (0.1.9) (Major)

    - Completely Redone Sounds

    A lot better then older version, still has some work to be done but I wanted to get an update out.
  5. moderation: fix

    - Crashing issue fixed by moderation.
  6. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.8) (Minor)

    - Removed "Diesel Fuel Cell" option for Pre Runners
    - Updated Pre Runner Configurations to use in-game diesel fuel cell.
  7. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.7) (Minor)

    + Added "Diesel Fuel Cell" to Pre-Runner configurations
    + Added 3 More Configurations
    - Changed Idle Sound and adjusted volumes for other sounds in array
  8. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.6) (Minor)

    + Added "Allison 4-Speed Drag Automatic"
    + Modified all tunes for more power
    - Changed volumes of several sounds in the array
    - Fixed glitch where saved configs would not load
    - Fixed missing D-Series configurations
  9. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.5) (Minor)

    - Removed "Duramax" nameplate that was causing texture issues
  10. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.4) (Major)

    Hey mod users! I was able to add/fix a lot of stuff that was complained about, hope you enjoy! Here is what's new:
    Bold is what has been added.
    • Added DEF System - Stock and Deleted Options, affects smoke production
    • Completely redid the sounds - No more 4 inch and 5 inch just mid-muffler delete, straight-pipe, and stock
    • Added various configs (See mod listing.)
    • Fixed transmission shift...
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