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Beta Duramax Diesel Engine Addon for D-Series/H-Series/Roamer 0.1.3

Add the awesome realism of GM/Isuzu Diesel Engines to your in-game vehicles!

  1. Duramax Diesel Engines (0.1.3) (Major)

    Hey mod-users! Been quite busy, but was able to make this happen.

    What's New:
    - Added 4 inch and 5 inch Straight-pipe Exhaust options w/ Sounds
    - Added Support for Roamer (SUV) and H-Series (Van)
    - Tweaked all Tunes and added Smoke Tune
    - Fixed transmission/transfer case issues
    - Smoothed out all the tunes
    - Added Custom Model to Stage 3 Twin Turbochargers (Huge thanks to @iRetr0x ) Seriously cannot thank him enough.
    - Fixed Engines randomly blowing up with Stock...
  2. LBZ Duramax Engine for D-Series v0.1.2 (Minor Update)

    + Added "Forged Long Block" option under "Engine Block"
    + Added "Stage 2 VGT Turbocharger" and "Stage 3 Variable Boost Turbocharger"
    + Added "Allison A1000 5 Speed Auto" and "Allison 10L1000 10 Speed Auto" as additional transmission options with identical gearing to RL.
    + Fixed Black Smoke, changes intensity with tune

    - Modified Engine Tunes

    Known Bugs:
    - Transmission and transfer case models don't show when 4WD is set
    - Tunes could be cleaner
  3. LBZ Duramax Engine for D-Series v0.1.1

    • v0.1.1 - Fixed Various Bugs, Added Stage 1 Turbo, Modified Stage 1 Allison for better shifts

    Known Bugs (Working on it):
    Bluetooth Trans and Transfer Case
    Slow Shifts with Stock Allison
    No smoke!
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