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Durian LC Facelift 0.1

A goodbye facelift

  1. Staji
    As you may have seen I haven't published any mods for a lot of months; the reason behind this is that I have moved on Fiverr (if you'll ever be interested you can find me here https://www.fiverr.com/share/3AK1ZA).
    I waited a lot to release this "good bye mod" becouse I wasn't sure if I wanted to do so but I recently felt like to say kinda of a goodbye to this good community so here you have the complete facelift of the original LC (the face of my account).
    Said this , here you have the slightly changed specs of the car:

    -Top Speed: 156 kph (96 mph)
    -0-100: 9.10 seconds
    -Release Date: 1962
    -Gearbox: Manual

    The cars comes, as the original, with three different versions:

    -Base LC:
    HiResPhoto188.png HiResPhoto189.png HiResPhoto191.png

    -LC Business
    HiResPhoto192.png HiResPhoto193.png HiResPhoto194.png

    - LC Trucky
    HiResPhoto195.png HiResPhoto196.png HiResPhoto197.png

    Hope you'll have fun and stay safe during this very hard times

Recent Reviews

  1. Loreee_16
    Version: 0.1
    EPIC mod!!
    1. Staji
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
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