Beta EIP cabrio 63 1.0

early 2000s cabriolet

  1. Imbadatdirtrally
    The EIP cabrio 63 is the ultimate luxury cabriolet of the 2000s era.
    It comes standard with luxury infotainment and a flipup rollbar in case of emergency for driver and passenger safety.
    With a comfortable but sporty suspension you can cruise around town or rip up the local race track.
    W ith its massive 6.3L V8 engine it leaves everyone wonder how you left them in the dust like that.

    6.3L flatcrank V8
    300hp at 6000 rpm
    525nm of torque at 2500 rpm
    V-max : 291 kmh / 180mph
    ≈1800kg (54% front/46%rear)
    Rear Wheel Drive
    7 speed dual clutch transmission
    20210513220759_1.jpg 20210513220808_1.jpg 20210513220836_1.jpg 20210513220819_1.jpg 20210513221444_1.jpg 20210513221509_1.jpg

    !!! pls DONT give it a bad rating if it understeers in corners when your going 150kmh its a luxury cabriolet not a race car so pls have some sense and rate it for what it is a LUXURY CAR !!!!
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