Alpha Electronics for Bolide 1.0a

Lilipur's custom parts

  1. Lilipur
    For players who want to drive Bolide safely.

    ・There is one custom config

    (Next) V1.0a: Added tarmac mode and adjusted dampers


Recent Updates

  1. Adjustments and additions

Recent Reviews

  1. mimifelix
    Version: 1.0a
    Make a hyperbolide
  2. ½5-56½
    Version: 1.0a
    Good mod. But why do all that and dont add no abs? This car really need abs badly
    1. Lilipur
      Author's Response
      (By google. thanks)

      The program itself is complete, but it seems to be disabled if it is built in as an electronic control for some reason. Therefore, it is sealed.
      It is recommended to use the ABS that is effective for the brake installed in the custom configuration "Lilupur_custom".
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