EMG S560 2020 3.1

A road variant of a track beast

  1. Electric Engine!

    Hi everyone!

    This update adds some new parts:
    • Electric engine: based on the standard rear electric engine of the eSBR, it produces 320hp
    • New RWD CVT and AWD CVT transmissions
    • New race parts for the suspensions
    • New customizable supercharger, pushing the thermal engine until 440hp

    2 new configurations:
    • S560-2 eCVT: electric engine, RWD CVT, stock suspensions, sport tires
    • S560-4 eCVT: electric engine, AWD CVT, stock suspensions, sport tires

    Rework of the 2 following configurations:
    • S560-2 M trackday: supercharged thermal engine, RWD 6-speed manual gearbox, race supensions, semi-slick tires
    • S560-4 DCT trackday: supercharged thermal engine, AWD 7-speed DCT, race supensions, semi-slick tires
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