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Beta EnjoyMyHitsYT Sunburst Skin 1.7

My Own Skin!!!!

Warning filename has changed

  1. Skin Glitch Fixing!

    Here is the 1.7 Update!
    Rason i Updated: When Crashing Car the Skin is Glitching i tryed to Fix that here is the Result!
  2. Engine Changes

    Engine is Fixed with more HP
  3. Skin Bug Fixes "Glitching" and Bugging out of the Car Fixes!

    I saw that the Skin is Glitching and Bugging out of the Car so i tryed to Fix that so here is the "Final Result"

    Have Fun with the little Update! :)
  4. U can Choose now Turbo Mods in the Intake Parts! ( THX for over 4K Downloads)

    • Now u can Choose Modded Intakes for it!
    • Braaaaapppp Stutututututu!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. A few Bug and Skin "Glitching" Fixes!

    • A few Color and Skin Bug "Glitching" Fixes!
    • Have fun with the Update! :)
  6. U Can Choose now the Colors! OF THE CAR!!!!

    Update 1.2 Is Out Now!!
    U Can Choose every Color of the Car!!

    Like This:

    Or This:...
  7. Better Grip

    A litte more Grip into the Cars

    • Better Grip