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Beta ETK Predictive Stability Control (P-VDC) 1.0

Excellence meets superior driver confidence!

  1. ItsTheLittleAcura!
    Experience the handling and reassuring control of an innovative VDC (vehicle-dynamics control) system, new for the 2019 800 series. By anticipating a skid before it occurs, this system improves vehicle handling and minimises unwanted behaviour, such as snapback oversteer and bump steer. This feature is available on the following models: 856t, 856tx sport package, 856 TTSport RWD. Three unique driving modes redefine what's possible with stability control.
    1. Adaptive: The default mode ensures that the vehicle stays in complete control, even when faced with decreasing-radius turns, bumps, old roads, camber changes, surface dirt, ice, or snow, or abrupt inputs, continuously using brake applications to "nudge" the vehicle if it is going to skid.
    2. Sport: This mode improves driving pleasure by operating only during more critical situations, effectively using brake torque vectoring to minimise understeer and snap oversteer.
    3. Track: The Track mode allows the full dynamic potential of the 800 series to be realised, while snapback oversteer prediction minimises the chance of spinning out and understeer protection senses quick steering inputs, reinventing a driver's confidence to go even faster.
    Remember that even advanced technology cannot defy the laws of BeamNG physics, and it is always possible to lose control if you are driving faster than appropriate for the conditions.

    EXTRACT the folder "etk800" from the predictive_esc.zip file, and then save it to BeamNG Drive/vehicles. The mod should now work.


    1. BeamNG_drive_ETK_800.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery
    Version: 1.0
    Would appreciate more detailed instructions. No apparent configs available in component selector.
    1. ItsTheLittleAcura!
      Author's Response
      Download the zip and put the etk800 folder in your userpath "vehicles" folder.
  2. Bob'sBuns
    Version: 1.0
    I don't quite understand how to actually use this and if it's something that I have to press a key to activate. Nothing seems to change when I choose the listed sub models supported.
  3. GamingFlaming 2
    GamingFlaming 2
    Version: 1.0
    Works as intended, great mod concept.
    I tried this out and it really does seem to work to prevent skids & correct. The other mode does seem to help with preventing a spinout when drifting making it easier to drift.
    General driving, the system works great to prevent it from skidding.
    It also seems to work great on ice to prevent the vehicle from completely losing control.
  4. Any Name You Wish
    Any Name You Wish
    Version: 1.0

  5. PabloMM
    Version: 1.0
    how works this
    1. ItsTheLittleAcura!
      Author's Response
      It predicts a skid and corrects BEFORE it happens!
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