Beta ETK800 Hybrid 7.1.0

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. Arcanox
    Note: this mod requires the Arcanox Core mod in order to work

    It's the car every BeamNG driver has been waiting for! The ETK800 hatchback, now available in several new Hybrid models. That's right, a real hybrid vehicle in BeamNG! That means instant electric torque, engine auto-start-stop technology, and regenerative braking in your favorite driving sim.

    upload_2019-9-8_21-5-2.png upload_2019-9-8_21-5-16.png

    This new configuration of the ETK800 is built on the same Hybrid powertrain system as my "Hybrid Citybus" mod. It uses the same exact code and parts, simply configured for a sporty hatchback instead of a huge bulky transit bus. As with most hybrid cars, it features pure electric driving below a certain speed, with the engine stopping completely when it's not needed. There are three hybrid models available for the ETK800: the 854eh "Eco Hybrid", 856sh "Sport Hybrid", and 856rh "Race Hybrid".

    upload_2019-9-8_21-11-34.png upload_2019-9-8_21-13-42.png upload_2019-9-8_21-15-10.png

    The hybrid variants of the ETK800 also include a custom hybrid dashboard! The tachometer needle will move from "Off" to "Ready" when powering up the vehicle, and will remain at "Ready" whenever the engine is stopped but the vehicle is still powered on. The efficiency gauge under the tachometer is replaced by a power/regen gauge showing power used or gained from acceleration or regenerative braking. There is also an "EV" icon that lights up whenever the vehicle is on but the engine is off, and a battery gauge between the speedo and tacho that shows the current state-of-charge of the hybrid battery.


    All models are also capable of driving at higher speeds (for short distances) in "pure electric" mode similar to the city bus. This "EV" mode can be toggled by pressing "E" on the keyboard. Also like the city bus, the vehicle includes a "battery charge" mode activated with Shift + E that will use the engine to charge the hybrid battery more aggressively while the vehicle is stopped or driving.

    For the best performance during a drag race, it is recommended that you charge up the battery a fair amount and engage manual Launch Control by holding both the gas and brake pedals at the same time. The engine will start and rev up a fair amount, also putting a bit more charge into the battery while doing so. Launch the vehicle when ready by releasing the brake pedal. The engine will rev up more shortly after you launch to assist the electric motors in achieving maximum acceleration power.

    If you're one of those people who is mindful of their carbon impact (who would want to pollute the gorgeous maps of BeamNG?), you'll be delighted to find that the standard 854eh Eco-Hybrid will get upwards of 40 MPG driving around town! The 856sh Sport-Hybrid will get around 30 MPG if you're mindful of your acceleration and braking, and the 856rh Race-Hybrid will even get a decent 12-15 MPG on the track, but then again, who's counting MPGs while racing ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. 2004AudiA41.8T6Spd
    Version: 7.1.0
    Nice mod! Really fun to drive! It's an amazing Hybrid mod for BeamNG in my opinion!
    Version: 7.1.0
    Should you make it for the roamer since it's a family SUV and only gets like 15 mpg? Also, this mod is the best.
  3. F/Slick
    Version: 7.1.0
    Thank you Arcanox, you are the reason I bought BeamNG - best spent money ever!
    I happen to own an EU-spec 2021 Yaris Hybrid (XP 210) that I track most often at Mettet near Brussels and sometimes at Spa. I keep it stock except for brake cooling ducts, rear strut bar, camber bolts and 195/50 Fedima slicks over 15x7 Braid wheels, which it inherited from the other car in our household, a 2020 Corolla Trek (E 210). I decided to track the 116 HP Yaris (9.4 kg/HP) instead of the 184 HP Corolla (7.9 kg/HP) because it has a comparatively more powerful electric motor: 59 kW vs 80 kW, resulting in 18 kg/kW for both of them.
    In order to simulate the Yaris I've put your "Racing" transmission&battery into the 854eh. In this configuration, it PERFECTLY recreates the general feeling of my car around the Spa circuit, up to the way in which the battery is depleted at the end of the uphill Kemmel straight.
    I also had to change the "Sport" brake pads to the "Basic" ones and reduce Brake Force to 61% exactly (at least in Spa). This concern of locking brakes (relative to tire grip) may be a general problem of the ETK800 series, I don't know. By the way, I also stick to OEM pads (and even brake fluid) in real life.
    I cannot tell if lap times are similar; as a matter of principle, I never cared about lap times because I prefer to simply enjoy the flow. All I can say is that EVERY subjective sensation is almost identical.
    1. Arcanox
      Author's Response
      That's awesome! I'm glad it mimics a real hybrid so closely; I actually wrote the mod mostly by my memory of driving an older Highlander Hybrid, since I had a Volt at the time I wrote most of the mod.

      I recently got a new RAV4 Prime (plug-in hybrid) but I sadly haven't found the time to do a comparison side-by-side of the mod versus my own car yet.
  4. car.crash
    Version: 7.1.0
    Fantastic mod I love it! the only issue is it doesn't work with other mods for this car.
  5. Dashy
    Version: 7.1.0
    Thanks Arcanox, very cool!
  6. BennyPlayer1
    Version: 7.1.0
  7. OctaCoreGamer
    Version: 7.0.0
    Great Mod Really Awesome To Drive Around In!!!
  8. Kesh
    Version: 6.0.1
    Best hybrid mod out there! Really does drive well and feels like a real hybrid car.

    Also, are you going to make diesel hybrid gauges by any chance? Want to get that MPG as high as possible :D
  9. CedricGame
    Version: 6.0.1
    This car is perfect!!, it works very well as a hybrid, not as some kind of mods that arenĀ“t hybrids, it is a really good mod, the engine works well and I like the dashboard, if there is something I have to complain about it would be the autonomy of the electric battery, but let's face it luxury hybrids as brands like BMW have similar performance, that's the reason why I give it 5 stars, because it plays a good role as a luxury hybrid.
  10. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 6.0.1
    An amazing mod. This also opens many doors for many mod makers. A hybrid SBR4 would be cool too.
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