European License Plates Compilation + Cherrier RHD 1.2.1

A selection of HQ license plates all over Europe.

  1. Sverige Registreringsskyltar update


    New Features:
    • Added Swedish license plates covering all years from 1973 onwards.
    • Added yellow rear plate support for all official cars, including stock US-sized plates (US cars mainly) so every official BeamNG car can have yellow rear plates no matter what car or type you might use.
    • Added yellow rear plate support for the Hirochi eSBR.
    • Added EV UK plates.
    Bug/Quality Fixes:
    • Redone every euro-spec bumper from scratch using the current meshes as a base and added new euro-spec variants for all available stock bumpers, making sure the UV mapping is correct for the new dimensions (200BX, Covet, Roamer).
    • Updated every single jbeam file (all plates are now in their correct position for each official car for example) and thumbnails for the RHD FCV cars.
    • Given unique names to the euro-spec bumpers and changed some of the names for the plates to avoid issues with other mods or even official files.
    • The UK plates now have yellow 'GB' letters in their euroband version.
    • Redone the current UK plate font from scratch, to increase quality and accurate spacing between characters, updating all characters as well.
    • Fixed broken speedometers in the RHD Vivace/Tograc cars.
    • Reduced the amount of files needed, by solving duplicity as much as possible.
    • Fixed character spacing in the french modern plates.
    • Added missing metal contour to 1971-2001 spanish plates.
    • Fixed no bump mapping present in the characters for the 1971-1986 spanish plates.
    • Updated the modern spanish license plate background.
    • Fixed broken file routes for the UK pre-1983 plates.
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