Beta European License Plates Compilation + Cherrier RHD 0.7

A selection of HQ license plates all over Europe.

  1. Poznávací Značka Update

    • Added Czech License Plates
      • 1960-1985
      • 1985-2001
      • 2001-2004
      • 2004-Current
  2. Danske Nummerplader update


    • Added Danish licenseplates:
      • 1957-1976
      • 1976-2008
      • 2008-Current
    • Fixed/added custom random plate generation for each country and year, according to the real patterns as much as possible.
    • Adjusted characters positions in the Pre-2001 UK license plates

    FCV RHD cars:
    • Updated all configs and jbeams with the latest game versions, including among other thing the missing rear model badges or shift lights....
  3. Portugal Matrículas Update

    • Added Portugal plates for the following year periods:
      • Pre 1992
      • 1992-1998
      • 1998-2019
      • 2020
    • Fixed "ghost" letters behind the actual letters, caused by unused shading textures.
    screenshot_2020-05-01_00-47-42.png screenshot_2020-05-01_12-39-21.png
  4. Nederlands Kenteken Update

    • Added Netherlands plates for the following year periods:
      • 1951-1978
      • 1975-2000
      • 2000-2020
  5. The Vivace Update

    • Added support for yellow EU rear license plates to the Cherrier FCV cars.
    • Updated all models and jbeams for the Euro bumpers for the 200BX, Covet, and Roamer.
    • Added Euro bumper support to every rear bumper variant for the 200BX, Covet, and Roamer.
    • Removed Euro front bumper for the D-Series (since posts can now be removed, it is no longer neccesary)
    • Added RHD components to all Cherrier FCV cars including 8 pre-made configs for convenience.
  6. European License Plates Compilation - NEW: France & UK

    • Added 4 French License Plates
    • Added 4 UK License Plates
    • Added a Euro-Spec front bumper for the Gavril D15 so a front Euro plate can fit.
    • Updated all plates so any text can be displayed correctly.
    screenshot_2018-12-25_02-54-02.png screenshot_2018-12-25_20-07-37.png
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