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Beta F1 inspired Skins Pack for FR17 1.2

Skins based on legendary or just cool looking liveries for the FR17 mod

  1. Wait...something`s wrong here!

    This update adds skins based on the 2017 skins, but with unlicenced logos..thanks to @Raider for the 2017 skin templates

    Red Bull Racing/Dead Bull Racing is not excisting as the one in the original mod is based on the 2017 one


    1. Screenshot132.png
    2. Screenshot134.png
    3. Screenshot140.png
    4. Screenshot142.png
    5. Screenshot135.png
    6. Screenshot129.png
    7. Screenshot130.png
    8. Screenshot136.png
    9. Screenshot138.png
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  2. 2 new skins..

    This update adds 2 new skins, based on a 2009-2012 Force India and a 2013 Sauber.

    If you have any suggetions let me know as i have run out of ideas for this pack! Most updates from now on will most likely be thumbnail changes so...


    1. screenshot_00326.png
    2. screenshot_00325.png