Beta Feel The Bumps 3.9

- Testing world made for fun - Hand crafted terrain -

  1. lajalex
    This is my first map in BeamNG and i still have many thing to learn how to.
    I have put many hour creating it and its still in development

    My map is a mix of everything i could possibly think to make a great testing area / wrecking field
    • Arena Style map
    • Racetrack
    • Mountain and offroad of all difficulty
    • Trails
    • Field and road of bumps
    • Many drift zone
    • Strip of rock
    • Flat , non-flat Road
    • Big hangar
    • Bridge
    • Big air
    • Some secret tunnel
    • Huge underground Tunnel
    • Water ridge
    • Stunt road (all around outside the arena)
    • Mostly suited for jump , crash , suspension testing , offroad and bigair
    • AI work on every road inside arena. Except top ring and large road on center mountain.
    • More is coming !

    It should be FPS friendly.
    seems like better fps when your game is on fullscreen

    Please dont leave bad rating if you find bug or something lets discuss about it instead

    i will make new thumbnail and preview image soon

    Thanks for playing on my map :) !
    screenshot_00018.png Feel_The_Bumps_preview.jpg screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00030.png screenshot_00031.png screenshot_00036.png screenshot_00037.png

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  2. Update #28
  3. Update #27

Recent Reviews

  1. Hugo Borchardt
    Hugo Borchardt
    Version: 3.9
    Still work,good job!
  2. TheEastSideBoy
    Version: 3.9
  3. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: 3.9
    Very nice map, and for people having performance issues, you can delete items like roads and stuff that you don't use with the editor for better performance. Just have the game in windowed push F11 and then click Item placement, then click on the item you want to delete in the map, and look to the right and it will be highlighted in the box. Just right click and select delete. After you have deleted all the stuff you don't want select file then save and it will over write the map with the new edits. It helped a ton with my performance issues.
    1. lajalex
      Author's Response
      ty for the 5 star ! im almost ready to push a new update whit better fps and alot of change.
      im also work on a new map (a modified version of gridmap ) :)
  4. Ovahlls
    Version: 3.9
    Last versions got more FPS. I've had this map for some time, and it looks like a whole lot was added. Which is acceptable, for frame rate to drop the more there is.
  5. Andybravec
    Version: 3.9
    it got too complicated for my computer to handle. it lags and its not fun anymore. first versions were the best
  6. GTHusky
    Version: 3.9
    Still one of my favorite maps. It has a very nice flow to it, tons of things to do, without it being unnecessarily big. This thing runs pretty smooth on both of my PC's.
  7. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 3.9
    Defintly More FPS Rate...

    Pc Specs:

    I5 6402P 3,40 GHZ
    GTX 1070 from Asus 8GB
    8 Gigs of Ram from Samsung

    I think u can get more fps out of this map still have 40-60
  8. DavidSCuthbert
    Version: 3.9
    Hello. Cold you possibly make one of the long stretches of road have a load of the speed humps towards the end? So that we can get a run up at them? Maybe a 3 or 4 lane wide road with different spacing of humps on each lane??? I love the humps in the arena part, but i would like to be able to hit them at speed on a flat road. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Colben Uk
    Colben Uk
    Version: 3.7
    Excellent job for your first map... keep up the good work
    1. lajalex
      Author's Response
      Thanks !!
  10. jgms763
    Version: 3.6
    I absolutely love this mod, great for suspension testing and even destroying things, it's also very FPS friendly, but as of the most recent BeamNG.Drive update, this map crashes the game when I try loading
    1. lajalex
      Author's Response
      Thanks for 5 star !! 3.7 is incoming. Its in approval process.
      It should fix the bug of spawn point
      Keep a eye on it :P
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