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Beta Feel_The_Bumps 1.9

Testing world made for fun

  1. lajalex
    This is my first map in BeamNG and i still have many thing to learn how to.
    I have put many hour creating it and its not even close to be finish. But i will release a Beta soon the get feedback , idea and suggestion.

    My map is a mix of everything i could possibly think to make a great testing area / wrecking field
    • Arena Style map
    • Racetrack
    • Moutain & offroad of all difficulty
    • Trails
    • Field of Bumps
    • Strip of Rock
    • Flat & non-flat Road
    • Big Hangar
    • Mostly suited for jump & crash & Suspension Testing & Offroad
    • AI work on the main road, little racetrack(dirt&Asphalt) and around mountain
    More is Coming
    • Vegetation
    • More building
    • Add more texture and terrain
    • and a lot more ...

    It should be FPS friendly.

    Please dont leave bad rating if you find bug or something lets discuss about it instead

    screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00012.png screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00014.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00016.png Feel_The_Bumps_preview.jpg screenshot_00003.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 1.9
    If there's one thing I love ❤️, it's the tubes underground taking you to different parts!
  2. [FLOT] C4Interceptor
    [FLOT] C4Interceptor
    Version: 1.9
    Absolutely amazing map. Easily one of my favorites!
    Please please please add a section of more staggered bumps similar to that before the ramp that leads to the roof of the building.
    Keep it up! Great work.
    1. lajalex
      Author's Response
      thanks !! and there is some more inside the hangar and other on the highway section on corner of map ( flat road going out of arena )

      i will add some more in next update too ;)
  3. H/\Z/\RDOUS
    Version: 1.9
    *Suave voice* Bumpy...
  4. WOTE
    Version: 1.7
  5. DimaStrelnikov
    Version: 1.7
    Good gg
  6. PlatinumRain789
    Version: 1.6
    I Love this map. New Favorite
  7. InfinityGaming
    Version: 1.6
    I first tought this was going to be shit but no, its acutally quite fun! Great job man!

    The only thing that bothers me are the jumps on top of the map when you look from the picture you put into your overview section where it hangs above the Arena (Hope you know what I mean). So if you engadge the jumps from the left to the right, the jumps don't flow really well. Especially from the double where you land infront of the hangar. If you would make that the takeoff from the hill to the left of the hill infront of the hangar a bit steeper, you will be able to land very nicely instead of now where your angle is more straight so you simply jump over the landing.

    I hope you understand me. If not so, just send me a dm and I will try to post some pictures.
  8. DuckyTitian
    Version: 1.6
    Bro keep up the good work!
  9. blyatmobil
    Version: 1.6
    wery fps friendly and good testing map great job :-)
  10. Fatal Potatoe
    Fatal Potatoe
    Version: 1.5
    Getting on for the best test maps in the game!
    1. lajalex
      Author's Response
      thanks ! it mean alot to me !! update #6 coming out really soon (Approval process)