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firwood skin pack vanilla 2. 3

now without any other mods

  1. turboburger galore

    more turboburger, and i fixed the gm and sunburst skins, enjoy.
    screenshot_2019-11-10_16-24-03.png screenshot_2019-11-13_17-59-53.png
  2. clasiics, sunburst and gm

    now added the sunburst and gm, enjoy


    1. screenshot_2019-11-04_22-33-40.png
    2. screenshot_2019-11-04_22-38-24.png
  3. pickup rework

    reworked the pickup skin, now it has a camperbed, and it doesnt have the bumps the previous on had. enjoy
  4. skin pack overhaul

    with this update may not come too many new skins, but it does change this mod in an significant way. from now on, this mod doesnt need any other mods for lightbars. thanks to @OuDacai for letting me use his lightbars in my mod, cause it makes it easier for everyone. if you havent already, download his stuff, he makes high quality skins, many of which are police skins. anyway, there are 2 things in this update. first up, i have redone the old pessima skin. it is now...
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