Firwood Township Skin Pack 4.5

Liverys of Services in the Township of Firwood and the Firwood County.

  1. A little update I pushed infront of me to long

    Hello everybody, it has been a while...

    I made this update actual a few months ago, but always pushed updating away, as I wanted to add more skins. Now I decided to scrap that Idea and finally push out the bit of work I made.

    I can present you a remastered Modern Township Police Grand Marshal, including a K-9 and normal Livery (selectable within the partselector), a County Police Drone Pickup aswell as a remasterd TWPD SUV.

    Remastered Township...
  2. Redoing the TWPD Skins , Added several new Skins and now Configs appear like Vanillia Cars

    With this Update I will start to redo the Firwood Township PD Skins so they look more clean and realistic than now. I allready did the two old looking Skins of the GM and Roamer. (You will find comparement Pictures lower in this Update

    Additional to this now every car will appear like the Vanillia onces does, so you dont need to turn the "show custom vehicles"-option on anymore....
  3. Ranger Unit and Fire Supervisor

    Hey Guys, just a small Update for you all!

    I created two Vehicles of the Ranger Unit within the County Police Department and the local Fire Supervisor of the Fire Services.

    D-Series FCPD Ranger Unit

    Hopper FCPD Ranger Unit

    Roamer FCFS Supervisor 02


    Hope you enjoy this small Update.
  4. Additional Skins

    Hey Guys, hope your doing good. I made six new Skins, nothing big or fancy, but still I hope you like it :)

    Firewood Township Fire Department Battalion Chief


    County of Firwood Police Department
    Gavril Grand Marshall
    Gavril Roamer (also as K-9)
    screenshot_2021-02-10_14-06-08.png screenshot_2021-02-10_16-38-02.png screenshot_2021-02-10_16-47-21.png

    Prosegur and Brinks Cash-In-Transit
    screenshot_2021-02-11_14-23-48.png screenshot_2021-02-12_14-31-37.png
  5. New Skins

    Pickup Truck of the Firwood Department of Transportation

    New modern Police Pessima of the TWPD

    Two New Ambulances
    screenshot_2021-01-31_03-04-38.png screenshot_2021-01-31_15-16-49.png
  6. Added new Roamer skin and a Van Skin

    -Added a new Skin of the Township PD for the Roamer
    -Added a Van of the Firwood Department of Transport


    1. screenshot_2021-01-27_13-24-15.png
    2. screenshot_2021-01-27_16-19-34.png
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