Folson HD610 / Regular Cab / Trail Package 1.0

For when the road ends.

  1. Boyeater
    The 'Canyon' V10 provides torque at any time, with 402 lb-ft of torque at 600 RPM and up to 555 ft-lb of torque at 4700 RPM, routed through a silky smooth 7 speed transmission with low range and fully locking front and rear differentials.

    The Trail Package upgrades the Folson HD610 to 36-inch off-road tires and heavy duty long-travel suspension, in addition to upgraded cooling to cope with the worst conditions nature can muster.

    My take on a go-anywhere production truck. My criteria were that it has to navigate the brutal obstacle course in ToughTruckMap with no drama, and be reasonably well mannered on normal roads.

    Offroad driving tips
    • Set tire pressure to 18 PSI.
    • Make use of low range and engine braking when going downhill; the HD610 is a heavy truck.

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  1. p=p
    Version: 1.0
    awesome sauce nice truck m80
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