For Lack of a Better Name (Lamzumi's Pack) 5

A collection of skins and parts, in collaboration with Wo-Class.

  1. Lamzumi

    Are you weeb trash? Are you proud to show it off on your creations, or perhaps drive the ones we have? Well, you've come to the right place! Don't let the haters think for a second that they could bring you down when you're riding in your best waifu. (No sexual joke intended.)

    In all seriousness, this is a pack containing all of the work me and 「Wo Class」 have done. From the skins, parts and configurations, pretty much everything you can think of for a couple guys who don't know how to do proper jbeam'ing or modelling. Blast down the paved paths of WCUSA in either our drift cars, race cars or just a cruise in the RS-Turbo, it's all up to you! Download now!

    I'd like to give most of the praise to both 「Wo Class」 and GatheringAgate for joining with me and making this pack.

    Part of this pack contains:

    67 Configurations:

    - Daisy Piccolina

    - Barfighter Barstow
    - Hellcat Barstow
    - Bluestow
    - Senko Barstow

    - Blacklist 200BX
    - BRE 200BX (Widebody)
    - Driftmissile 200BX
    - MGE Hellhound 200BX
    - IRD Rally 200BX
    - Kongou 200BX
    - Dracu;Riot! Miu 200BX
    - Sato Drift 200BX
    - GF SOPMOD 200BX
    - TiMS 200BX
    - TiMS Itasha 200BX
    - GF UMP-45 200BX

    - men-dont-scream HDN ETK 800
    - Selecta ETK 800
    - Mayo Chiki ETK 800

    - A90 Concept K-Series
    - Goodmile Racing (Carbon) K-Series
    - Goodmile Racing (White) K-Series
    - Girls und Panzer K-Series

    - Pine Racing I-Series
    - Marseille I-Series

    - Cox Racing Covet
    - Touge Losers Covet

    - 4FD RB30 Hopper

    - Touge Monster Pessima (New Gen.)
    - Rapid Fit BTCC Pessima (New Gen.)
    - VIP Pessima (New Gen.)

    - UMP Trailblazer Miramar

    - Lemons Moonhawk

    - Akira Itasha Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - SAO Asuna Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Blacklist Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Driftmissile Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Efreet/ Efreet Hillclimb Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - KanColle AWD Drift/ Custom Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Evolution III Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Lucky Star Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Narwhal Commemorative Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - HDN Noire Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - RS-Turbo/ Custom Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Shimakaze Itasha Pessima (Old Gen.)
    - Silhouette RS-Turbo Pessima (Old Gen.)

    - Wo-Class Drift/ Custom/ Offroad D-Series
    - HooniTruck D-Series

    - Synergy SBR4
    - Brian Turp's SBR458
    - RO-500 SBR4
    - SBRF1

    - Kaga Sunburst
    - Dreidsport Sunburst
    - HXT Evolution V Sunburst
    - Girls und Panzer Sunburst
    - Goodmile Custom/ Hillclimb Sunburst
    - Sakura Sunburst

    - Deadmau5 Drift/ Race Bolide
    - Yuno Gasai Bolide

    Many of these configurations make full use of the new parts made for LamzumiPack and will be updated with more skins,parts and configurations as we finish them.

    Drop the .zip file into your Documents/ Mods folder and you're good to go! If that's too much hard work for you, then you can always Subscribe and let the game do it for you!

    If you have the original Collab' D-Series by 「Wo Class」, please uninstall it to stop the skin conflicting with this pack. This pack already contains that skin.

    If you also have the pack from before the configurations update (, please remove that from your mods folder before installing this one.

    mainmenu_loading_71.png mainmenu_loading_75.png mainmenu_loading_76.png mainmenu_loading_79.png mainmenu_loading_82.png mainmenu_loading_85.png mainmenu_loading_86.png mainmenu_loading_89.png mainmenu_loading_90.png

    Screenshots By @Wild Hog, @BrynCoops, @alex_333 & @howard9068
    Lamzumi_Saikou.png Lamzumi_Saikou02.png Lamzumi_Saikou03.png screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00269.png 20170410180527_1.jpg 20170410184357_1.jpg

    All images used in these skins are not our property and all rights go to their owners.
    Thank you to for letting us use their vectors/ stickers on our skins!
    Also when you have time, come back and drop a review.
    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated, even if it's a negative one.

Recent Reviews

  1. SammyLlamy
    Version: 5
    I see why it's great but for some reason, it doesn't work for me, my cars don't spawn or they spawn broken/without textures. some help would be appreciated
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      Oh no, sorry the mod hasnt worked for you. Have you tried disabling your other mods and clearing cache? I have also found that checking integrity of your BeamNG install sometimes helps. If you have done these, could you show your ingame console? I can probably help figure out whats gone wrong in there.
  2. nogoodnames
    Version: 5
    Thank you for quality weeb shit
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your support!
  3. AurimasSSSR
    Version: 5
    More Girls und Panzer skins.
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      I will take this into consideration. Thanks for your support!
  4. GreenSeven
    Version: 4.1
    weebs, weebs everywhere
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      Furries too, but we shall not mention them. Thanks for your support!
  5. xRaulyz
    Version: 4.0
    god bless the weebs
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      No, God bless you! Thanks for your support!
  6. Veyron730
    Version: 4.0
    Great to see this back! I love it!
    1. Lamzumi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your continued support!
  7. Damiean Ron Lyons
    Damiean Ron Lyons
    Version: 3.0
    can you do a skin pack for all the vehicles & the pessima procar.
  8. harpsealpup
    Version: 3.0
    please make a gumi skin
  9. MillenniumJade™
    Version: 3.0
    finally, some weeb shit in beamng
  10. CarWrecker123
    Version: 3.0
    Very good!
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