For Lack of a Better Name (Lamzumi's Pack) 5.5

A collection of skins and parts, in collaboration with Wo-Class.

  1. LamzumiPack - Refreshed Covet CRi and other shenanigans

    Back again post 0.8 update, with bug fixes and not so much new additions.

    Special thanks to @Kueso for letting me use his V6 engine model for the Synergy V6 in the Covet CRi, please go and show your support by also checking out their work here:

    Other notes:
    - D-Series HooniTruck suspension fixed and updated for 0.8, it no longer breaks on spawn.
    - Barstow rear suspension fixed, no longer braking on...
  2. LamzumiPack - Still without care for a new name

    Welcome back to a new update!

    Here's just a few new things added to the pack:

    RestoMod Bolide - Special thanks to @NinetyNine! for letting us use their Bolide 'Corse' parts in this pack, so go show them some support!

    Covet CRi + configurations - A full AWD beast from the east, tearing up your rally courses. Many thanks to dkutch and their original Covet MRi mod, as a base for these configurations. Widebody parts have been re purposed and edited to fit the current Covet...
  3. LamzumiPack- Bug Fix #1

    First bug fix:
    - Fixed Miu 200BX. No longer spawns with steelies, redone setup w/ custom wheels.
    - Fixed IRD Rally 200BX. Recreated engine torque curves and differentials, recreated setup to prevent oversteer at low speeds. Engine no longer uses turbocharged torque figures for NA engines.

    Have fun! And keep bringing in those reports!

  4. LamzumiPack Renewal 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Yet another renewal. Yes, it's been a long time, so dont expect any updates to come out frequently after this one either.
    However one thing you can be excited about is how large scale this update is. So many additions and edits that not even I have kept track of them. So take this as a gift that keeps on giving (until every new thing is found, of course.)

    Thanks to Wo-Class, Makaphin and of course Bad Decisions for their work that I have been able to use in this pack....​
  5. LamzumiPack Renewal - Now merged with Wo-Class Skin Pack.

    After nearly a year, we're back!

    72 New Additions! Including new liveries/ itashas, parts and configurations.

    Full Changelog Below:

    - Wo-Class Barfighter Itasha
    - Wo-Class Barfighter Configuration

    - GatheringAgate Wo-Class Custom Configuration
    - Wo-Class Stage X Supercharger
    - Wo-Class 6-Speed Manual Drag Transmission
    - Wo-Class Professional Spec Radiator
    - Wo-Class Grip-All Drag Rear Tires
    - Lamzumi 5.5L V8 Engine (RB25 Tune)
    - Lamzumi 5-Speed Manual...
  6. Name Change! and a new addition to the pack.

    Lamzumi's Skin Pack has had a name change! and now includes new configurations to complement the current skins! Credits go to GatheringAgate for all these amazing setups!

    Every configuration has been personally tested to meet our needs. Including thumbnails in the vehicle selector, so you wont lose them in the tens of hundreds of cars you have in game.

    Now it can be yours!

    If you have the previous version installed,...
  7. Update 2.0

    Seeing the overwhelming downloads since its release, I've created a couple more skins by request or personally.

    Here we go:

    Future Diary Itasha for the Bolide:

    Date A Live Itasha for the old Pessima:

    And by request, the 200BX BRE skin now has a widebody version.
  8. Pre-Release Update: Replaced Sponsors on multiple skins + Added 200BX BRE Livery

    -200BX BRE Livery

    - Replaced Sponsors on multiple skins with 'fake' sponsors,
    200BX Nier:Automata Itasha (Remade)
    Sunburst Miku Itasha

    & my collaboration with Wo-Class, the Wo-Class Itasha D-Series.
  9. Pre-Release Update: 2 new skins

    2 new skins:

    Pessima (old): KanColle Shimakaze Itasha

    I-Series: Pine Racing Fuel Livery (Based off BMW Fina Motor Oil Livery)
  10. Pre-Release Update: Made RS-Turbo skin Recolorable.

    RS-Turbo skin for the Pessima has been made colorable. Now isn't only in Red.
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