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Beta FR17 (2018 update) 1.2.2

Super fast, super advanced racing car

  1. 0.14 Powerglow update

    -added Powerglow config for Light runer
  2. 0.14 fix

    fixed skins for 0.14
  3. 2018 Body

    -Added custom loading screens
    -Added 2018 body version (real 2018 skins to download here)
    -More little updates to the car
    -Added new Raidersky skin
    -Added classic Arrow skin to reallogospack
  4. Hotfix

    I forget about .dae files
  5. 1.1 Update

    - Added 6 new tires
    - Suspension improvements
    - Added Halo, Aeroscreen and Shield
    - Aerodynamic improvements
    - Fixed DRS
    - Added police sound
    - Added afterfire effects
    - Changed engine sound ( thanks to @ben_arkless )
    - Textures improvements
    - Many other things
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  6. UI errors fixed

    UI errors fixed
  7. Minor fixes

    Some grammar fixes
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