French Siren Pack 1.1

Le siren pack

  1. Raph54

    Hi, this pack include every sirens that are use by the French
    emergency services / law enforcement services wich are :

    -Two tones FD / SAMU (Medical emergency services) siren
    -Two tones law enforcement siren used by Police and
    Douanes (custom).
    -Gendarmerie siren.
    -Three tones priority siren (no emergency siren)
    -Two tones law enforcement horn for intermittent warns
    -Gendarmerie horn.
    -Wail horn wich is used by law enforcement and medical
    emergency services (but quite rarely)

    Demo vid: (Sorry for the siren glitch, Vegas compression...)

    That's all for now if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs / problems
    let me know !

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  1. 1.1 Update

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  1. Cameron Clemente
    Cameron Clemente
    Version: 1.1
    great mod my friend
    1. Raph54
      Author's Response
      Thank's !
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