Fufsmobile Phantom R 0.9

Track day machine, V12 over 10 000rpm, good balance of power and grip

  1. fufsgfen
    For road legislation reasons, it has traction control and 4WD, but with click of a button you can unleash true potential of RWD dancer.

    Pushing to the limit is fun part with this car, you have to be aware of weight transfer, you need to know how to dance her.

    For your own safety, please use manual shifting mode, with DCT slamming gears in you don't want to have a shift at wrong moment.

    However there are automatic mode and all the helping systems to have that GT class luxury of brisk travel pace on autobahns if one so desires.

    However she is purpose built track machine, harsh, brutal and so much enjoyable with a steering wheel.

    Those limited to gamepad might find it bit too much, but please do try, however do not come crying when your new vehicle is found hugging the railing.

    So be warned, she can be slightly deceiving at corner entry, but her true nature will be revealed at corner exit...

    Top speed, more than you need
    0-100kph, why would you stop the fun there?
    Weight, you don't ask such things from a fine lady! (after driving few laps, you wouldn't believe anyways)
    Hp, over 580@8500-10500rpm
    V12 3.5l, 7-spd DCT, some custom tweaking here and there.

    Known bugs:
    -Wheels are white, but I kinda grown to like it, but maybe some day I make another set with colors in portrait.
    -It says Rst in selector, which technically is correct, but I'm having two minds about that, maybe I just name this as R and other unreleased variant as Rst.
    -Would like to have DCT shift bit more gently, but it is amount of power etc. that would require really soft shifts so probably not going to change that.

    I think this was my 3rd car I made in Automation, it just was not too much fun to drive with a controller so it just collected dust since exporter update of 13th, however now with a wheel I tested it and it is actually loads of fun as with wheel there is more finesse in controls and FFB in this works really well.

    My lame video attempt (read fail):

    Report problems, put requests etc. to this thread:


    1. behind.png
    2. front.png
    3. front_quarter.png
    4. rear_quarter.png
    5. side.png

Recent Reviews

  1. BeamCar
    Version: 0.9
    This thing is crazy! Could you put an interior in it like the fufsmobile turbo 53?
    1. fufsgfen
      Author's Response
      Thank you from your review!

      I would love to make interior for this, but sadly I don't have time for that, however if someone else wants to make interior for this car feek free to do so!
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