Garage to Garage Delivery - West Coast USA 1.2

Deliver random vehicles from A to B, no rush, just get there in one piece

  1. fixed traffic not spawning

    -fixed traffic not spawning

    Known issues:
    -Sometimes the destination message tells you a different destination
    -the game won't recognize any new zones I add, I believe this is related to the first issue
  2. bunch of fixes

    -added 2 more parking spots
    -added more zones for the destination message
    -made traffic group regenerate between deliveries instead of when first loading the scenario like vanilla gtg, for more variety in traffic
    -improved intro camera

    Known issues:
    -traffic doesn't spawn, the fix is ready and will be up soon, I just cannot include it in this update
  3. finishing touches and more

    -added intro camera path that flies around the map
    -added 6 more parking spots for more variety (now a total of 46)
    -repositioned some parking spots so that the navigator shows a better path to the destination. It still won't be perfect but its better than not using the specific parking spot. (WCU is very limited in the number of places where it would be interesting to start/end the delivery)
  4. just some cleanup

    not much, I just deleted some unnecessary files
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