Beta Gavril Barstow F2 Public 1.1.0b

Pure Muscle. READ DESCRIPTION! By: the GTG Mods Team

  1. Gregory TheGamer
    GAVRIL Barstow F2
    Pure Muscle

    What is this thing?

    The GTG Mods Team is proud to present to you our newest mod: The Gavril Barstow F2.

    What is it? The Barstow F2 is a bigger and much meaner Barstow. This vehicle is the successor to the original Barstow.

    This is the first of our line-up of in-development vehicles based upon one single platform: The Gavril F2-Type Chassis.

    F2-Type Chassis

    We have created the F2-Type Chassis to create a standardized set of components for a particular set of vehicles we are planning to make.

    Granted, we've taken the frames of the D-Series, but we are planning to incorporate changes to differentiate the two types of chassis. More info on the GTG Commons Mod page.

    232a.jpg 291a.jpg 291a_policec.jpg 291m_race.jpg 291m_tracksport.jpg 313a_policed.jpg 353a.jpg 353a_custom_policei_garage_side.png 353a_sport.jpg 353m_rhino.jpg 423a.jpg 423a_sport.jpg 444a.jpg 444a_policei.jpg 444a_sport.jpg 526a.jpg 526a_del.jpg 526a_sport.jpg


    This mod REQUIRES the GTG Commons Mod to work. No GTG Commons Mod installed = No F2 Platform = No Mechanical Components.

    Do not use the reviews as a way to post issues. Go to the FAQ on the dedicated forum thread in-stead!

    Click here to go to the dedicated Forum thread.
    Click here for more information on this mod.


    -Gregory - Lead Producer
    -Robben - Producer
    -Eizens - Producer
    -Gabe - Producer
    -BETA-Testing Program - Finding bugs


    Oh no! Have you got any issues? Or did you find a bug? Don't hesitate to send a message in the discussions. However, for the fastest possible response time, it may be better to join our Official Discord Server. A link to that can be found on our Website. We also suggest that you take a look at the FAQ.

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Recent Updates

  1. Public 1.1.0b
  2. Minor Fixes + New Parts

Recent Reviews

  1. dann
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    love it
  2. iRetr0x
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    could i add support for my engine pack to this?
  3. Mad Jasper
    Mad Jasper
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    The stock car mod alone is worth the five stars. Nine years and counting, this is the closest to a proper stock car as we have seen in Beamng. Nice work!
  4. EN07Z
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    Pretty fun mod but some spikes when crashing the rear end
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      "For the next update, we are planning to mainly focus on improving jbeam structures and adding a few factory components."

      We're working on it.
  5. FacetedemuGI
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    Just to put this here try unpacking the mod and the GTG commons mod to fix the radiator and oil cooler bug.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
  6. Fredr3x
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    For me the radiator and oil cooler is out of the car. Is there any conflicting mods you know of? Thanks guys, awesome mod!
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
  7. esesel
    Version: Public 1.1.0b
    Awesome update
    1. Gregory TheGamer
  8. Drifter1044
    Version: Public 1.0.1a
    I am sorry about this rating. I was able to drive the car around for about 15mins and then the car is now unable to drive sue to files being corrupt or something. The car is still able to spawn in but is unable to drive. I can refresh the car but its like the game doesn't recognise that its their. I like the animated gearstick, the engine sounds, and also the car not able to stay idle without tapping the gas. Sorry again for the average rating. But i do live the work.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
  9. jeandre4877
    Version: Public 1.0.1a
    great job, i love it
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  10. carlover6x6
    Version: Public 1.0.1a
    I like it but it won't spawn I'm very sorry for the rating but I can't rate a car well if it does not work.

    I really hope this gets fixed so I can give it 5 stars.

    So so so so sorry.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Before posting reviews, please consider contacting our support branch.

      This is one of such ways:

      Our guess is that you are likely missing the required commons mod. Contact us for further support. We want to help you sort out the issue.
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