Alpha Gavril Blue Collar series 0.2

Made for the American Workplace

  1. Driv3r1142
    Mod updated to be 0.11 compatible. Uninstall previous versions completely before reporting issues if you experience any.

    This mod has been in the works since last year in 2016, as only an idea on paper. The mod has finally hit development and is now here for everyone to start enjoying. And to keep enjoying as it grows with every update.

    Thank you gigawert for the video! :)

    Thank you @Crash Hard 01 (Correct me if I am mistaken,) For the video!

    Thank you @Dashcam_crasher for the wonderful video!

    Introducing the brand new for 1955 Gavril Blue Collar series trucks. Gone is the stingy early postwar styling, in with the new!

    Styling cues taken only from the best from over at the Gavril design department, You're gonna look like you're in a cargo rocket heading to space in no time!

    And if you're not careful, you might be off the ground before you know it;
    Optional under the hood is the new Gavril 353 V8, an engine with plenty of torque and horsepower to haul whatever you need, wherever you need it. Or the tried and proven Gavril standard i6 engine. Easy to work on, easy to maintain, and it lasts a lifetime or more.


    Step into the interior, its only purpose is for you and your job at hand.

    No need to worry about ruining it, This truck was built to take anything you thow at it.

    If you so wish, An optional Bench seat, taken directly from the Burnside division line of luxury automobiles, is available.

    The Gavril Blue Collar series.
    Check out the 1000 series, the perfect light duty truck for your everyday needs!

    Or step up to the 2000 series trucks, with a stronger suspension setup and flywheel, great for pulling a trailer or hauling heavier loads, or loads of any sort, with ease!
    Also make sure to go to your local Gavril dealership and ask about the BEAMCO 4x4. These aftermarket trucks are only sold at certain Gavril Dealers, and feature the BEAMCO 4x4 aftermarket conversion option.

    Whatever the task, These are built to fit you and your needs. Anywhere, Anytime, Any way. The truck that's built with your needs first.
    Go to your local Gavril dealership today!

    Story and sales pitch aside, lets get down to the real business.

    Long words aside, Read the discussion tab for more basic info and development history. OR click this link below if the discussion tab is leading to the wrong thread;

    You have some basic configs to choose from, ranging from 1000 series i6 models to 4WD beasts. Read the main thread for a briefing on a few of these, or take a look in game to see what I've left in store. More configs are planned and are in the works as you read this.

    Current Credits;
    Main modeling work, texture work/UVs, Materials; Driv3r1142 (Me)
    JBeam; Driv3r1142, and BeamNG/ @gabester for stock D series components and JBeams that were used to base this mod, as-well as the meshes for the 353 v8 and the i6 engines. These are not correctly connected visually yet but the JBeam is there for them and it works just fine.

    And credits for the importance of testing;
    @synsol . Without him this mod would certainly be further behind than it is. Thank you. Even when you don't do much, you still help out tremendously ;)
    @gigawert ; Thank you for the video and for testing the mod in the process of creating it.
    @on3cherryshake Thank you for testing the initial release here. You helped me find many issues that I was completely unaware of that I had created, such as the steering centering issue. Fix is mentioned below in the bugs section for users with issues.
    @holographicmexican ; Thank you for your feedback and testing. While your feedback won't make it in this release, it will influence the future versions.
    @MrAnnoyingDude ;Thank you for your feedback. Its hard to get authentic in BeamNG, but your feedback has helped tremendous. While this release wont have your feedback incorperated, the next one will.

    There are more people who will be testing future versions of this mod. Read the main thread to figure out how to be one of them ;)

    Also give a shout out to alex_333's modding group. Without their encouragement, I may have never entered the phase of development that I am in now.

    • Not every piece on the vehicle is completely compatible/stable. Some pieces may be unstable, such as the 8 lug wheels with heavy duty tires. This is something I plan to fix but have no idea what's exactly going on just yet. They're there for now, and you may use them with standard tires. Other pieces may pop a bit when used. The pieces that pop are just fine, they just pop for some reason. Most parts should be fine, however please report any that are not. I think I know what parts are at fault here but I do not have a complete list.
    • The vehicle veers to (left or right side) with the solid front axle. This is something that will be fixed in a JBeam update. This is due to the nature of the suspension, and the track width vs the JBeams used. For now just adjust the Steering Center until you're happy with the results. Generally if you're not using the lifted configs, -12 seems to do the job just fine with default values.
    • Not every part spawns with the correct "child" parts when added fresh. Minor issue, Its due to how the slots are defined in the JBeam. This will be fixed in a future release, but for now the configs should spawn correctly. Report any broken configs, and know that I am working on this side of things alot
    • Crashing is not completely spot on and is slightly spiky here and there. This is a known problem and is one I am working on fixing constantly. Every time I am doing JBeam work on this thing part of it involves moving nodes around to get a better fit for the JBeam. My goal is to eventually get the spiking to be practically nonexistent, however, it may be a challenge since it involves a perfect balance and alignment between vertices in a model to nodes in the JBeam. Its getting closer but it still has a ways to go in my eyes.
    There are certainly more bugs and issues that I am unaware of more than likely.
    Your task if you find one, is to report it to the main thread. It can/will still affect your review, but I can't fix it if I don't know about it in the main thread.

    Its only the beginning for this mod. If you want to know more about its development, or what's up go to the Discussion tab and read up.

    I have a set of plans for this mod, but I do not want to show all of my cards just yet. ;)

    This is an initial release for a reason. It works in game, but its far from completely finished. It lacks some thing now that it will get in the future. Chances are if you're thinking about it, I am planning on it. But given the nature of the BeamNG mod scene, I saw it appropriate to give the community something new, even if its an early WIP. Too many mods die out before they reach any sort of release, and frankly I wanted to make sure that it didn't happen to this one.

    This resource is only going to grow as time goes on. Leave suggestions and bug reports in the thread, not in the review.

    Standard stuff here, ask permission before using assets from this mod (The BeamNG stock assets used should be fine, but models and any JBeam work I did solely by myself you should ask me about first.) Don't re-upload the mod or its assets unless you are part of the BeamNG team or have permission to use the assets I created for this.

    I know that the people this is aimed towards, ahem, to remain nameless due to their nature of existence, will probably not get or understand it.

    If you're using the BeamNG forums with a legitimate purchased copy of the game, chances are you probably know what the above statement means, and I thank you for understanding and respecting that.

    However, Please, Do enjoy the mod, and drop a review of your experience below. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. elcamino
    Version: 0.2
    amazing. cant wait to put it with my vendetta
  2. ParadoxShiba
    Version: 0.2
  3. DaddelZeit
    Version: 0.2
  4. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 0.2
    A slammed one of these with a tuned V8 would be ABSOLUTELY SICK.
  5. Thaetyn Boles
    Thaetyn Boles
    Version: 0.2
    I love classics and trucks so this is my mod! can toy make a semi version like put a semi hitch?
  6. Damiean Ron Lyons
    Damiean Ron Lyons
    Version: 0.2
    make a 1956 gavril blue collar. (based off a ford F100).
  7. Pungpig2
    Version: 0.2
  8. noonesmith
    Version: 0.2
    this is a really good mod I just wish that there were more engine/intake options so I can make a drag truck
    1. Driv3r1142
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. Intakes/engine options are something I intend to address in the future when I update the mod.
  9. clerkiller18
    Version: 0.2
    disspointed i cant get the old smokie like speries has
    1. Driv3r1142
      Author's Response
      Hmm? Please, explain further in the mod's thread, I don't quite understand what is missing on your side.
  10. ts1995
    Version: 0.2
    Very nice! been waiting for a classic pick-up
    1. Driv3r1142
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, happy to hear you like it :)
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