gavril coupe cabrio 1.0

a very fun and sport coupe

  1. petrol head fan 1986
    Hi there user. so i decided to make a sport's car with decent hadlind and power
    this is the gavril coupe cabrio: a decent sport's car and a happy face( like the mx5)
    the engine is a 4.2l v6 with 300 horsepower and a lot of torque: perfect for doing burnouts and donuts
    the back is inpired by varios roadters and others like: the mazda mx5, bmw m3 coupe, porche spyder etc screenshot_2021-08-26_16-21-33.png
    and this car has a fully modelled interior and a rectracted roof

    only for 50.460 beam dollars

    not road legal in: north korea and asia

    please do not reupload to other websites. thanks

Recent Reviews

  1. 240p_ibishu_covet
    Version: 1.0
    I have to say it looks like hirochi ccf
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