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Gavril Gladiator 3.3

1960s-1970s Muscle Car

  1. Bugfix Update 6

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V3.3
    - Fixed shadows
    - Minor bug fixes

    If your shadows are still not working, clear your game cache to make sure the fix comes into effect.
  2. Bugfix Update 5

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V3.2
    - Updated torsion bars, steering box and sway bars to use new torsion system
    - Minor bug fixes
  3. Bugfix Update 4

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V3.1
    - Downscaled a number of unnecessarily large textures bringing the zip size down to 46mb
    - 68 front bumper attach fixed
    - Headlight glass fix (again)
    - Drag staging fixed
    - New bull bar part
    - New Rally Raid configs
  4. Content Update 3

    Stoat Muldoon
    Content Update V3.0
    - Added 9 new 1968 model year configs
    - Various tweaks to deformation, textures, bugfixes
  5. Bugfix Update 3

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V2.22
    - Fixed wheel arch normals
    - Fixed broken headlight texture
    - Adjusted rear window divider
    - Added rear door locks, fixed front door lock textures
    - Sedan roof UVs should no longer stretch skin
    - Sedan B-pillars added to skin UV
    - Sedan skin template updated (check forum thread of real badged version)
  6. Minor Bugfix Update

    Stoat Muldoon
    Minor Bugfix Update V2.21
    -Missing texture on tow hitch fixed (I hope)
    -Removed duplicate materials file
  7. Content Update 2

    Stoat Muldoon
    Content Update V2.2
    -3 new configs added; 383 Sedan, 300 Sedan and Roadsport Sedan
    -Added Tow Hitch
    -Made Engine Stronger
    -Fixed Glass Reflections
    -Other minor tweaks and fixes
  8. Content Update 1

    Stoat Muldoon
    Content Update V2.1
    -2 new configs: Track and Drag
    -Original 4 configs have been reworked with correct badging, trim, features, names and factory colours.
    -A large number of upgrade/tuning parts have been added from suspension to engine to body and interior with more to come in the future
    -Body reworked, now a much more accurate shape as well as more
    accurate details
    -Improved deformation
    -New global wheels; 15" Rallye and 17" Powr-Push
    -New 383 V8 engine
  9. Bugfix Update 2

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V1.2
    -Corrected some obvious model inaccuracies; grill, dashboard height, rear arches, front bumper have all been adjusted to look more like the real thing. So much for "happy with accuracy"...
    -Fixed headlight glowmaps
    -Numerous Jbeam changes including more deformation tuning, stronger attach for front panels, weaker radiator
    -Some UV map fixes
    -Added sunstrip
  10. Bugfix Update 1

    Stoat Muldoon
    Bugfix Update V1.1
    -Roof lowered by around an inch to match real car. I said I was happy with accuracy but once this was pointed out I couldn't unsee it. Thanks to @Treevus for making the edits
    -Deformation of the body re-tuned to be more realistic. It's not perfect, but it's close.
    -Signal lights now work thanks to @SergentFido
    -Mod slot added
    -A number of other small fixes
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