Alpha Gavril Grand Marshal Coupe 1.0.4

A smaller and sportier version of the Grand Marshal

  1. General Mod Improvements


    This update includes general mod improvements and bug fixes. The update includes:
    • Improved poly-flow and model shading
    • Added simple underbody texture
    • Adjusted rear suspension Jbeam for improved suspension performance
    • Adjust fuel tank Jbeam to fix shaking
    • Fixed sizing of underbody parts that were clipping/misplaced (exhaust, fuel tank)
    • Fixed rear quarter glass UV mapping
    • Fixed missing rear license plate
    • Fixed Drag and...
  2. Removal of Unnecessary Parts Pt. 2

    Missed some things in the last push, oops.
  3. Removal of unneeded parts

    Update to fix console errors.
  4. File Name Fix

    Quick .zip file name change
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