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Gavril H25 Vanster French emergency pack V1

French emergency pack for Gavril H25 Vanster

  1. Raph54
    This pack features (yet) two skins French health emergency for the Gavril H25 Vanster

    Fire departement ambulance (VSAV) for emergencies

    Vital emergency ambulance (SMUR) for vital emergencies like reanimation..

    This is the first version of the mod, private ambulance and other FD skins may be added.

    I've created the skins themselves but EuroTrucker ( saved me packing and creating the mod, so big thanks to him.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lucaas
    Version: V1
    Sub-par. Not something I'd use my time for and use.
  2. EuroTrucker
    Version: V1
    Great Quality Skins. Good Job!
    1. Raph54
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! (and for the help)
  3. SpinStudios
    Version: V1
    I'm french and i like these skins, thank you !
    1. Raph54
      Author's Response
      Je suis aussi fran├žais (kappa)
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