Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.1.2a

Trucking Redefined. READ DESCRIPTION! By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Public 2.0.4c

    Gregory TheGamer
    Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack
    Public 2.0.4c

    Bug fixes, Improvements, & more!

    Hey there everyone,

    Today we bring you a brand new update on the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack!

    Not all of our interior models managed to make it into this update. We apologize for this.

    Video Coming Soon (Technical Difficulty)

    - Fixed Air-Cleaner breakGroups
    - Fixed door window textures
    - Fixed Windscreen
    - Fixed Mud Guard breakGroups
    - Fixed Modern Headlight breakGroups
    - Fixed T85-Frame Issues
    - Fixed Missing Icons on Modern Door panels
    - Fixed TSX15 15.2L I6 Diesel Turbo Sounds
    - Fixed TUX16 16.4L I6 Diesel Turbo Sounds
    - Fixed VRX18 18.0L V8 Diesel Turbo Sounds
    - Fixed Modern Hood Aerodynamic Model
    - Fixed Modern Headlight's Aerodynamic Model
    - Fixed Interior Specular Maps

    - Improved T85-Frame
    - Signal Stalk is now Black

    - Added Modern Headliner
    - Added Modern Upper-Dash
    - Added Modern Upper-Dash Sunvisors
    - Added T85-Frame Steering Axle
    - Added new 'Longhorn' Exhaust Stacks
    - Added Modern Mirrors
    - Added Modern Facelift Headlights
    - Added D-Shape Fuel Tanks
    - Added Fender Flares
    - Added Hood Mirrors
    - Added Antennas
    - Added Twin-Horns
    - Added Heavy-Haulage Livery

    - Updated Color List

    Future Plans

    Public 2.0.5x brings a few fixes, along with some more parts for the modernization of the T-Series. This update also adds in much-requested sun-visors, adds new bullbars, bullbar lights, and new fuel tank options. Plus, an extra little something that's been in the works for a few months already by our official partner.

    For more details, please follow us on our Facebook Page, join us on Discord, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

    Have fun with the update!

    - the GTG Mods Team​
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