Outdated Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.1.2a

Trucking Redefined. READ DESCRIPTION! By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Public 2.1.1c

    Gregory TheGamer
    Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack
    Public 2.1.1c

    60" UniConnect Sleepers, Turbo Wing, and more

    Hey there everyone,

    Today we bring you a brand new update on the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack!

    This major update focuses on the addition of two brand new sleeper cabs, a handful of parts, and a load of bug fixes. Check out the changelog for more information!

    Like the 78" Sleeper from the previous update, the 60" Sleepers still need their liveries converted. This will be done in the next update.

    - Fixed Radiator Leak Issue After Crash & Reset
    - Fixed TorqueMax 18-Speed Gear Ratios
    - Fixed Duplicate Power Steering Controller
    - Fixed Duplicate Beams
    - Fixed Custom Sun Visors Causing Interior Deformation
    - Fixed T75 Long Haul (Long) (M) Configuration
    - Fixed T75 Long Haul Special (M) Configuration

    - N/A

    - Added TorqueMax 13-Speed Shift Logic
    - Added 60" UniConnect Low-Roof Sleeper
    - Added 60" UniConnect Low-Roof Sleeper Phase-IV Interior
    - Added 60" UniConnect Stand-Up Sleeper
    - Added 60" UniConnect Stand-Up Sleeper Phase-IV Interior
    - Added Turbo Wing
    - Added Bumper (Modern)
    - Added Longhorn Horns
    - Added Liveries to 78" Stand-Up Sleeper

    - Implemented Proper Gear Naming (TM18, TM13, & K16 Only)*

    *On the UI App only.

    Future Plans

    The next update will focus on adding yet another sleeper cab, some more sleeper-mounted accessories, improvements to the advanced features, and more goodies.

    Help out development by supporting us on Patreon or making a one-time PayPal Donation.

    Please consider joining our Discord Server and subscribing to our official YouTube channel.

    Have fun with the update!

    - the GTG Mods Team​
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