Gavril T-Series Semi Drivetrain Addon 1.0

Eaton Fuller 18-speed transmission & customizable diff ratios

  1. High Plains Drifter
    Gavril T-Series semi drivetrain additions:
    • 18-speed manual transmission modeled after an Eaton Fuller RT with 18 forward and 4 reverse gears
    • Customizable "Front Rear" & "Rear Rear" drive axle differential ratios (2:1 to 6:1)


    1. eaton-fuller-transmission-rt-13-rt-18-en-us.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: 1.0
    Again, its cool but can you make it Automatic?
    1. High Plains Drifter
      Author's Response
      I think your best bet is to use arcade mode with the 18-speed for now. Eaton does make an 18-speed "automated" manual - the closest emulation in Beam would probably be a DCT but there doesn't seem to be any logic for the vehicleController to skip gears. It'll shift sequentially 1 through 18 no matter the load and really isn't accurate to a real 18-speed AMT at all. Maybe with a future update.
  2. minemoose96
    Version: 1.0
    A Madlad Actually went forward and made this...
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