Gavril Vertex NA2 2.16 Hotfix

IT CAN FLY! A 2010s Eco Box, except it has 96 versions and 1000 parts to select.

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    The mod is currently undergoing a rework, including a completely new mesh, better JBeam, new lua and new parts
    Release date: late October, maybe November
    I don’t have as much time on Hand as i used to.
    Sorry for having to move the date back a full month, this update is turning out far larger than originally anticipated… but hey! More and better content!
    Sorry for pushing the release that far back but it really is just a ton of stuff to do

    Introducing the Gavril Vertex NA2

    Very big thank you to my friend here ^w^

    It's a kinda small eco sedan, made to get you from A to B. It also has originated from Automation! I put quite some time into it to make it an actual mod (around 700-900 hours over 11 months)
    This is the first mod I've made of this scale and it was kind of "learning by doing", meaning you can see which models and textures were some of my first. This car was a lot of fun to create and I learnt a lot along the way. The mod may receive some update over time with new stuff.
    Anyways, here some pictures!
    Small bit of extra info tho: This mod has 96 configurations and literal tons parts to select, so this description might get a bit long
    screenshot_2021-01-29_17-34-04.png uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png screenshot_2020-06-04_18-02-40.png screenshot_2020-06-05_15-14-58.png screenshot_2020-06-05_17-10-13.png screenshot_2020-06-01_17-16-46.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-00-53.png screenshot_2021-01-29_15-12-29.png screenshot_2020-06-18_18-27-54.png screenshot_2020-06-21_18-25-17.png screenshot_2021-01-16_00-20-23.png
    Image of all configurations


    The Vertex bases on a second generation USA Ford Focus. Like already said, it started it's life as an automation export, which I then modded. This mod never actually was intended to go this far, yet it did anyways. There also is a forum version of this, the Fort Focus, which you should be able to download in the discussion thread. There also is a pride add on pack found there.

    In the following spoilers you'll find a lot of the mod content, because this is just too much to show in one description here

    List of various features:
    Well.. lets begin with a list of what the mod contains
    • ~1000 selectable parts
    • 9 engines to choose
    • A bunch of exhaust options for all engines + crackle as option
    • 12 liveries (most of them are colourable)
    • 18 front bumpers, 9 rear bumpers
    • 13 hoods, 14 wing options
    • 16 front bumper accessories, 9 rear bumper accessories
    • 35 interior options
    • 6 widebodies
    • 6 sideskirts
    • 5 headlights, 3 door handle options, 11 roof mods, 4 silly roof mods
    • Godmode body parts as well as engine and suspension (all in the godmode config)
    • Customizable liveries due to automation decals as livery
    • A domelight and ambient footwell lighting that can be turned on
    • All buttons ans switches also light up when turning headlights on
    • Many functions assinged to gauge cluster lights (Cruise control, Airbag light when car is crashed, Door open light when bonnet or trunk are open...)
    • 8 windshield stickers
    • Lots of random references and 4 youtuber configs as well as 5 movie/TV series reference cars
    • Loads of engine customization, twincharging, aspiration in any way you want kinda (also a sideways blower)
    • Gauge cluster lights up when starting the engine
    • Pride flags that can be put onto the roof
    • many ways to have fun with it, all gearboxes and suspensions can be customized and tuned
    • Underglow with 4 underglow patterns, look for controls on bottom of the description page
    • A working radio that can be edited to have more music!
    Included Engines:
    -Vivace 1.3l i3
    -Vivace 1.6l i4
    -Vivace 2.5l i5
    -Duratec 2.0l i4
    -Mustang 06' 4.5l V8
    -Duratec 3.0l V6
    -T-Series 11l (?) i6
    -Electric Motors (similar power compared to Tesla Model S)
    -Deo Volente 10l V8

    V8 can be twincharged, V6 has supercharging and TTs as option, other engines get lots of turbo options.

    Notable quirks and features, custom LUA stuff...:

    There is a working radio! The currently playing song is displayed in the center screen and the infotainment screen.

    The center screen has some more cool functions! Such as displaying the current temperature (units change)

    The Gauge Cluster also has some stuff. The gauge lights light up when starting the car, there are modern gauges with more info and the odometer works as well as the estimated fuel left. UNITS CAN BE CHANGED VIA SHIFT + U

    There also is a "Door Open" light that lights up when any door is opened. same for the Bonnet and Boot.

    I also went through the work of adding a laptop that can show various info. You can also select a desktop-only version of it to just have it exist.

    The brakes can glow!

    The Infotainment screen has a backup camera

    Nitrous creates some exhaust fire

    Tearing off the top body of the Double Decker will remove the ability to steer or drive

    The number display gets a random number after each respawn

    When turning the engine on, the car key twists! And... There also is a fully functional Taximeter.
    The Taximeter's prices can be adjusted in the tuning menu. It will also notify you about how much you have to pay after each respawn ;)
    unknown3.png taxifare.png

    NEONS!!! They're cool right? I disallow you to disagree

    There now is a flying version too!
    Steering can be inverted by applying a part the wing's sub-slots.

    What else is there..? Too much. I'm just gonna yeet a few images here.
    screenshot_2021-01-29_15-44-56.png screenshot_2021-01-28_00-55-23.png screenshot_2020-05-13_23-03-41.png screenshot_2020-07-22_00-49-28.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-40-10.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-37-07.png

    The 3rd image shows the NOS injection models

    Welcome. You came to see all easter eggs and you shall receive said easter eggs.
    • Under the rear seats, there is a slot for rear seat stuff. It allows you to apply literal easter eggs. I'm a genious, aren't I? Easter eggs as an easter egg
    • You can apply a sideways blower on the V6 engine
    • The laptop will display a flashing message "DANGER TO MANIFOLD!!!" when you overtorque the engine (Reference to The Fast and The Furious 1)
    • There are 4 configurations with white config pictures. One of them is "The Meme". Contains various memes and a Mohawk, which is a meme you can find on the BeamNG Reddit if you search for "Bruckell Mohawk"
    • The keyboard on the laptop says "owo" on a certain area. The stickers on it also say "BeamNG Lua inside" and "BeamOS7"
    • The Failrace livery contains various references (to FNAF, people I know, youtubers and other stuff.)
    • Look..- I mean DON'T LOOK at the fire extinguisher too close. I didn't make the texture, please do not kill me
    • The widebody kit's configuration descriptions get messier and messier
    • You can select „Fast and Furious“ transmissions for all engines with a silly amount of gears
    • Unselecting the steering wheel will remove your ability to steer the car
    • The Taximeter will display a message saying "You have paid X$ Taxi Fare" whenever you respawn the car with it applied
    • The infotainment screen says "New message from innocent: Trans Rights!" when it has no screen to show :3

    List of a few configurations:
    Here a list of (a few) of the configurations:

    Stock version
    fort_focus_sel.jpg screenshot_2020-06-02_22-53-06.png

    Double Decker
    double_decker.png screenshot_2020-06-18_18-27-54.png

    Derby Beast
    derby_beast.jpg screenshot_2021-01-30_00-12-57.png

    Truck Engine Swap
    trucc_be_pullin.jpg screenshot_2021-01-30_00-13-53.png
    recommended mod for using the truck engine swap!


    Presents and christmas music included.
    hohoho_its_christmas_time.jpg screenshot_2020-12-22_15-32-17.png

    Extreme Time Attack
    screenshot_2020-06-27_18-24-48.png screenshot_2020-06-27_18-24-25.png

    Quad Turbo Swap
    mopowababe.jpg screenshot_2020-07-18_01-10-40.png

    Deo Volente spec (Goes Mach 1 or 1234+km/h)
    deo_volente_spec.jpg mach1.png

    Vertex Airways, It can obviously fly. Try it out!
    jato.png screenshot_2021-01-29_15-05-17.png

    Movie/TV reference cars
    Taxi Taxi
    taxi_taxi_carrier.jpg screenshot_2021-02-02_16-28-56.png
    General Lee
    general_yeet.jpg screenshot_2020-03-01_03-37-29.png
    Mad Max
    mildly_disappointed_max.jpg screenshot_2020-06-18_18-48-09.png
    karma_initiative.jpg screenshot_2020-04-16_02-16-00.png
    These exist because they were just suggestions I got or things I enjoyed watching.

    Youtuber variants:
    Shinyodd variant

    shinyodd_edition.jpg screenshot_2020-04-15_00-13-04.png
    Failrace variant (has a rolled preview picture :p)
    failrace.jpg screenshot_2020-04-14_01-08-59.png
    GermanCommentGamer variant
    gcg_edition.jpg screenshot_2020-04-15_08-21-24.png
    Speirs dragster
    speirs_drag.jpg screenshot_2020-06-02_22-40-41.png
    The reason I made these is that I just enjoy watching the videos of them. Like, without GCG, I wouldnt be here making this mod, as he got me into beam. I further stated some things in the descriptions of the configurations.

    Literally the car of a friend @vistabluemk2
    screenshot_2020-12-22_15-41-49.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-42-11.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-43-11.png

    You get it. There is a lot. Just Take your time :3

    Note: This are not all versions!! Only the ones I have a good documentation (in terms of pictures) of! There also are drift cars, more stock versions, various other tuned ones and more!

    Pictures of it in Automation:
    Here some pictures of how it looked September 19th.
    Photo47.png Photo49.png Photo53.png Photo54.png Photo56.png Photo57.png

    A bunch of screenshots and scenes:
    screenshot_2021-01-29_17-34-04.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-37-07.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-51-47.png screenshot_2021-01-16_00-20-23.png screenshot_2021-01-16_00-19-10.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-00-53.png screenshot_2021-01-30_00-20-33.png
    screenshot_2021-02-02_16-52-02.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-45-06.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-08-07.png
    I enjoy taking pictures if you didn't notice


    Its the first real car jbeam I worked on, it's not the highest quality either, the body is a mixture of sunburst and automation jbeam, the panels are edited sunburst (and other vehicles, depending which part we are talking about)
    It looks quite nice with lower speed collisions and roll overs, but you can start to see it's origin the harder you smack it against something solid.

    How to add music to the radio:


    Next song: CTRL M
    Past song: CTRL B
    More volume: CTRL H
    Less volume: CTRL N

    Airplane Config:
    Roll/Ailerons + Rudder (axis): [Whatever your steering control is] (can be inverted in the parts menu)
    Pitch/Elevators (axis): Left Stick Y axis

    Pitch/Elevators (up): SHIFT R
    Pitch/Elevators (down): SHIFT F
    Toggle Ambient Footwell Lighting: CTRL 2
    Toggle Domelight: CTRL 3
    Toggle Underglow: CTRL 4
    Toggle Screen Units: SHIFT + U (to change between correct and wrong units :p jk)
    Change Underglow Pattern: CTRL 1
    Shoot cannon: Shift + Space
    Hydraulics: look at in game controls

    I want to thank everyone who helped me out with this gigantic mod!
    • @HR28QT for the Donk rims and making the gauge cluster textures
    • @Alex_The_Gamer for making the boost gauge textures AND vertex badges AND Broken glass textures
    • @B25Mitch for the STIG model and jbeam (Branding removed from textures by me)
    • ModdingForDummies, for helping me figure out various things
    • @Dummiesman for helping with lua and other things as well, the Odometer lua code
    • @TheKraken and other testers for some good and detailed feedback
    • @Shiokarai for the fire extinguisher model and texture
    • @NooKNooK272 for the improved, smoothened bonnet models and the improved Semi Turbo model (i4, Ver. 1.2)
    • @ItsJustCurtis for the base of the underglow jbeam
    • @StivJocuri for roof rack model and roof box jbeam and model
    • @vistabluemk2 for originally coming up with the idea of creating this vehicle in automation, reference images, many suggestions which lead this mod to what it became

    Anyways, that's all I got for now. Make sure to look into the spoilers!!

    Have fun with my mod and leave a rating if you want to!

    There's a LITE version with less content but also reduced loading times and less configs available in the Forum/Discussion thread (outdated, temporarily removed).
    There also is a LEGACY version available, just to kinda show off how far this mod has come

    Please use the discussions tab or just DM me if you experience issues or have questions.
    ^ Before leaving a review ^

    Do not upload the file to any other websites. Ask before using my models or just give credit

    If you'd like to support me a little bit financially, you can do so by clicking on this blue text. Making these mods takes a lot of time
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    And the text is pretty weierd cause im bored and want to rate this mod, so i wish you mich fun while reading :>
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      Well, loading times have been reduced quite a lot. I believe they will further drop due to the new models using less polygons, thus the process of caching the models will take less time.
      About the update, it is in fact so big, that releasing it in Augutst would not have worked. I underestimated the amount of work requried to entirely remodel and texture a mod with 100 configs, Sorry that the message is still in game, I wasn't planning ahead very well. I am noting the current plans on the top of the thread here.
      The update has ~150 changes planned and done as of now, that number may increase in the future. I also have been struggling with motivation recently so it's taking some time, please just wait a bit, there's only so much I can do
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