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Beta GPACK 0.10.1

New parts, new configurations

  1. Godzilla!
    NOTE: This pack will receive updates with new content (and revised ones that broke in 0.14). It is rather small atm.
    0.10.2 will fix packaging issues that are in 0.10 and 0.10.1.
    New configs for many...


    Info: I mentioned GPACK before, it went through different versions and themes. This car pack features configurations for various cars along with performance parts, new lights, decals, bumpers, RHD converts, wheels and other cosmetic enhancements. Each featured config uses a custom part of some kind. You can make a stunning sleeper for a horrendous rice burner, your call. This version of GPACK is completely lore-friendly, (hopefully) compatible with other mods, no overwriting and will be used as a base for future GPACK extensions (APACK is not involved).

    BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_08_23PM.png BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_25_02PM.png BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_07_14PM.png

    Highlights: This pack adds new configurations to various cars. These configs include new performance parts, various cosmetic parts like lights and bumpers and ways to completely deck out your ride!
    -Supercharged Hopper and I-Series.
    -Overpowered JATO jets for DT40
    -New lights and fascias for various cars (most listed as Aftermarket).
    -New wheels, both factory branded or custom.
    -RHD SBR4, 1999 Pessima and Hopper.
    -New interiors and cloth colors for Hopper
    -New bumpers for various cars
    -Custom interiors for various cars

    BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_20_07PM.png BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_22_38PM.png BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_24_07PM.png

    Cars involved (as of 0.10):
    Bruckell LeGran
    Civetta Bolide
    ETK 800
    ETK K-Series
    ETK I-Series
    Gavril D-Series
    Gavril Grand Marshal
    Hirochi SBR4
    Hirochi Sunburst
    Ibishu 200BX
    Ibishu Pessima (Both gens)
    Ibishu Covet
    Ibishu Hopper
    Wentward DT40

    Installation: Click Subscribe or manually download and place in your mods folder!

    Compatibility: Requires BeamNG 0.14 (October 30, 2018) or later!

    Notes: Some parts don't have the highest quality. You will have to search for some of the parts. New parts will be regularly added. Bellco superchargers are using old V8 models and may or may not be updated. Some cars may have easter eggs. :rolleyes: cough d-series

    BeamNGdrive-013056610-RELEASE-x649_23_20187_52_33PM.png BeamNGdrive-013056610-RELEASE-x649_1_20184_08_25PM.png BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_5_20183_26_04PM.png

    Some parts were made by Tommy1995, used with permission. Credits to vehicles are for the BeamNG Team. Everything in this mod is lore-friendly.


Recent Updates

  1. Quick Patch V0.10.1
  2. V0.10

Recent Reviews

  1. Damiean Ron Lyons
    Damiean Ron Lyons
    Version: 0.10.1
    so cool! can you add a T-series widebody?
  2. ZeuSs-73
    Version: 0.10.1
    any day im looking if see work now! and done! hehehe 10/10 of the mod!
  3. Keys
    Version: 0.10.1
    Great mod, I love it! BTW the activate windows thing is in the pics
  4. supra4life
    Version: 0.10.1
    Rip gpack ='(
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      The update I released has problems, releasing a fix very soon.
  5. TheX
    Version: 0.10.1
    Great quality mod!

    Only thing, could you separate the Road Cruiser from Grand Marshal?
  6. mnthegamer
    Version: 0.10.1
    Nice mod yet again Godzilla. Also, whats with the "unsuported" tag? Is it just for 0.10?
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      It is missing parts that a few configurations need. I’ll try to resolve this as soon as I can.
  7. Lucaas
    Version: 0.10

    Great job with this config pack, very impressed.
  8. NeoSlx
    Version: 0.10
    please add the NSPEC Widebody bumper to all vehicles with the option? Also, I'd like roamer parts, unless they're already there? Had 1 or 2 vehicles missing the parts, idk. Awesome mod nonetheless!
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      The Hand-Me-Down is missing wheels but a hotfix that resolves that issue will be available very soon. The Roamer has no new parts atm but the next big update will include some.
  9. ClassicMike
    Version: 0.10
    Simply amazing! Modernizes a lot of the cars
  10. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 0.10
    wonderful car parts! best configs!!!! love it. best mod. keeping it forever! 5 stars!
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