Greater Manchester Police Pack Vol.2 1.0

Another pack from the GMP!

  1. BMG_PLR54
    READ HERE: THESE ARE NOT CONFIGURATIONS AND WILL HAVE TO INSTALL THE SKIN ON THE VEHICLES MANUALLY. I am presenting to you the Vol.2 of the Greater Manchester Police Pack. It has been a year since I bothered in making these style of skins. Some vehicles are supposed to represent other vehicles used by the police force and others are not. Gavril H45 GMP Ambulance Upfit Skin - Iveco Daily Mobile Police Office:

    screenshot_2019-08-07_15-28-07.png screenshot_2019-08-07_15-28-23.png

    Ibishu Hopper GMP 4x4 - 2004 Land Rover Discovery GMP 4x4:

    screenshot_2019-08-07_15-32-20.png screenshot_2019-08-07_15-31-58.png gmp1.jpg gmp2.jpg
    The rest do not seem to represent the other vehicles in the entire police force. There is a Hirochi SBR4 Skin:

    screenshot_2019-08-07_15-28-41.png screenshot_2019-08-07_15-28-52.png
    And a Bruckell LeGran panda skin:

    screenshot_2019-08-02_21-17-44.png screenshot_2019-08-02_21-18-00.png
    Get the used mods here:
    EC999 UK Emergency by Eleanor -

    Global Police Pack by jschadle -

    Belasco City Pack by OuDacai -贝拉斯科涂装包.3072/

    Enjoy the mod! :)

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  1. ism071
    Version: 1.0
    Not bad
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