Green Valley 2017-05-12

An old map that has been somewhat updated

  1. Ouerbacker


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    Green Valley is a fall themed map that has been around for a while. One of the more recent updates broke its scattersky object, so I decided that I should post a fix for it. Enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. SapphireWolf
    Version: 2017-05-12
    I am always on the look out for nice maps to drive on and enjoy, and this map in particular has caught my eye. Although the map isnt the largest ive seen, it is of a good size, so you feel like your driving down a stretch of road and not around in a small circle over and over. For a detail stand point this map is perfect, the trees and foliage look natural and the roads feel believable and most importantly, fun to drive on. I would give this map a five if it weren't for a fact that apart from a half constructed bridge, and a showroom, this map is fairly empty, I think one or two small towns to drive between, with houses spread around would make for a perfect experience. Overall, I believe that this map is well worth your time, with enough road to keep you happy, and scenery that is to die for, who wouldn't want to take a trip out in their favourite car! Excellent map.
  2. SwagMaster11
    Version: 2017-05-12
    Great map. Keep up the good work!
  3. Fightin'Steel45
    Version: 2017-05-12
    One of my favourites!
  4. NotRealGaming
    Version: 2017-05-12
    I Remember This Map! I Had A Bad Computer When I Ran BeamNG On This Map Last Time, Great Now!
  5. Jeremy Clarkson 2
    Jeremy Clarkson 2
    Version: 2017-05-12
    amazing map,
    beautiful landscapes and looks like such a nice drive.
    But is anyone else having download problems or Is it just me?
  6. PurePlatinum
    Version: 2017-05-12
    Most scenic drive ever, really.
  7. ☆Krisi[HUN](❻❾)(♋)☆ツ
    Version: 2017-05-12
    Dude, can you imagine, that I have a shitty computer? and it runs fine, Great work dude, I was afraid that it might not work, and I do have much FPS, nice job, btw, this is my first review, I felt like you deserve it, so take my 5 star!
  8. Captain. Adam
    Captain. Adam
    Version: 2017-05-12
    The blur is amazing ! Great map as well
  9. Squatch32560
    Version: 2017-05-12
    hahaha I had just found and downloaded this like a week ago. I love it. It's beautiful. I love the widened roads at the curves, makes drifting a blast, especially when you use something not usually meant for drifting.
  10. bob.blunderton
    Version: 2017-05-12
    5 stars because I had a good bit of fun zipping about on this map!
    Someone should really make some lap-races on the lake-side loop road :)
    AI works on this map too (though it can hit trees cutting corners), of course the roads DO show up on the map. Closer node-spacing on decal roads around corners helps keep the AI from cutting across the inside of the corner - about 5~8 nodes around a corner should do it fine.
    Best of all, you absolutely, positively, can make that jump off the dock. Go down that road on the hill @ full speed with a '88 Pessima AWS with Stage 3 turbo on it, if you hit it fast enough & aim right, you will make it! It still drove too!

    Only downsides I could find is that there wasn't any road banking in the curves (roads are rather flat) and a few textures flickered (as if they weren't set to transparent), but the textures were still nice, that having been said. Also, flat roads DO take well to working on that perfect drift.

    Over-all, I am sure this will be a great resource for those who enjoy the fall colors, or possibly in the future someone making a 'fall' themed map. The beauty of nature really shows here. In the future, if you update this, I will happily oblige to download it right away. It's really awesome and you are rather skilled at modeling/texturing, and it shows. I look forward to more work from the author who's Black Hills map inspired me to figure out the editor to stick a highway in it.

    If you never work on this, I just might, at some point - you have been warned :)
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