Guillot F4 1.0

The cheap post-war French reference

  1. Leroux83
    Guillot F4 :

    The Guillot F4 was made after WW2, in order to sell a cheap but nice car to the french population. It made its first apparition at the 1948 Paris Motor Show. But what Guillot didn't thought about, is that Citroën had quite the exact same idea at the same moment, with the 2CV. The Citroën was sold 185k old Francs, whereas the Guillot was 175k. It was faster and more powerful, but it had a huge comfort and practicality lack, with only 2 doors. This early configuration was made from 1948 to 1955, and the Guillot was sold from 1948 to 2003 with a lot of evolutions and improvements.

    To manage the costs, only one color is available, and its this "Gris Brouillard"

    Its engine is a tiny 800cc I4, which makes a clean 34hp !

    Pics in Automation :





    Pics in Beamng :






    Here are the specifications :

    Country : France

    Derby class : Sub-compact car

    Brand : Guillot

    Years : 1948 - 1955 (for this configuration)

    Value : 6.810 $ in 1948, about 20.000 $ nowadays

    Body style : Hatchback

    Weight : 563 kg

    Torque : 50.7 nm

    Power : 34.1 hp

    0-100 km/h : Maybe if you're going down with the wind in your back you'll be able to reach it

    Top speed : 84 km/h - 52 mph

    Guillot :

    Guillot is a pretty old french brand, with always strange ideas and iconic products. It's quite popular because of their accessible cars.


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