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Hawcon Phaedra 1.0

The base model Hawcon Phaedra, with a turbocharged I4.

  1. workyclock
    This is the all new 2019 Hawcon Phaedra! Inspired by the Toyota GT86 and EcoBoost Mustang. The base model Phaedra comes with a 3.8 liter turbocharged Inline 4, making 274 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque.
    Panel Mat.: Aluminium
    Chassis Type: Monocoque
    Chassis Mat.: Light AHS Steel
    Engine Placement: Front Long.
    Front Sus.: Dub. Wishbone
    Rear Sus.: MultiLink

    Engine Block:
    Block Material: Aluminium
    Engine Size: 3.8 Liters
    Head & Valves: DOHC
    Head Mat.: Aluminium
    -Bottom End-
    Forged Steel
    Connecting Rods: Light. Forged
    Pistons: Forged
    -Top End-
    Type: Twin Turbo, Ball Bearing
    Max Boost: 7.08 PSI
    -Fuel System-
    Direct Injection
    Intake: Standard
    Fuel Type: Regular (91 RON)
    RPM Limit: 6500
    -Power Output-
    Max HP:
    274 HP (6500 RPM)
    Max Torque: 278 ft-lb (3700 RPM)

    Drive Type: Long. RWD
    Gearbox: Adv. Automatic, 6 Speed
    Top Speed: 146.4 mph
    Convertible's stats do not vary
    HighresScreenshot00113.png HighresScreenshot00114.png HighresScreenshot00115.png HighresScreenshot00137.png HighresScreenshot00138.png HighresScreenshot00139.png HighresScreenshot00116.png HighresScreenshot00117.png HighresScreenshot00118.png
    Designed and tuned by workyclock.

    I appreciate all criticisms, so don't be afraid to give your honest opinion in the comments! Thank you very much for viewing. C:
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