Beta Hayon Lucade (RS) 1.1

A Top Trim Level Coupe

  1. Chaos Fox
    Photo8.png Photo7.png Photo6.png The Hayon Lucade is a Sedan with 3 trim levels. LE, LT, and an RS Coupe model. The mods will be seperate until i figure out how to condense them. Until then i will leave links the the other 2 trims.

    The Brand Hayon is my personal car brand in automation. Please do not repost my mods nor edit them. They are for private use only.


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  1. UPDATE 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.1
    This is way better like this! Even if I think that the suspensions are still to smooth... :P
    But its a nice cruising car, especially with this new engine.
    Good luck for your next car !

    PS: you don't have to apologize for the exhaust tips, it's your car, and your choice ;)
  2. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.0
    I’ve just tried your car, it has a great potential, and overall, I’ve liked it, but there is a lot of things who need to be improved.

    Mod description: you need to had way more information in your description, at least the engine power, the transmission type, and the weight of the car, if you want to make us want to try it :)
    Esthetic: I like this simple design, looks like a 2005 sedan. But there is some weirds things:
    -no front blinkers;
    -glass wipers position;
    -way too long exhaust tips;
    -really small license plates;
    -lack of radio antenna;

    Chassis: clearly the good point of your car. It drives really well! But there are two things:
    -the suspensions are super smooth for a sport-oriented car;
    -the car is quite modern, I think you can add ESP on it.

    Engine: to be honest, this engine is really bad. You can’t use its 560hp, it gives 270hp at 5500rpm, and 560hp at 6500rpm. You really need to try to do a more progressive engine. As an example, I also have a 3L v6. My engine is naturally aspired, and give 450hp at 7900rpm, and 470hp at 8900rpm. This make my engine way more effective than yours. Actually, with your engine, your car acceleration (0-100kph) is 7.74sec. If I put mine in your car (yes, I have opened your car in automation ;) ), the acceleration is 5.11s. Moreover, 6500rpm is the redline of your engine because it will break over this limit. As a conclusion of all this, don’t try to push your engines to their maximum, because you will lose in effectiveness compared to a less powerful but more progressive engine.

    As a conclusion, your car is good, but need some work to be perfect. You can find here a little gift:
    It’s your car, but I’ve done all the main modification on it. It come with the esthetic and chassis improvements, and with my personal 3L v6 engine. If you want to use it as an example, download it and then put it at this location: D:(your main storage disk; I don’t know the letter you use for it)\My Games\Automation\CarSaveImport. Once you put the car file in this location, just run Automation, you will have a window how will open in your game to ask you if you want to import this car, just approved it. The car will show in your sandbox list. I hope it’s clear!
    Good luck!
    1. Chaos Fox
      Author's Response
      Hey thanks! I’ll take all constructive criticism, and will definitely try out the one you revised. I did also know it wasn’t getting full power at 5800 RPM, but that’s why it has a “beta” tag on it. Chassis and aesthetics will he improved, just messing with what makes it “drivable” at the moment. Thanks again!
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