HighDef's Derby Park Volume 1 v1.3.4

A potato friendly derby venue with race scenarios for 4-12 thread CPUs

  1. HighDef

    I created this derby map to run as light as possible on your system.
    Ideal for multiplayer or you can run the included vanilla AI races.
    There are multiple of the same race scenarios but with different amounts of AI cars, so if one is running at a low frame rate, you could go to the next one and have better chance of smooth gameplay.
    The code I am using still only counts that you have finished the race, not what position you are in, so it's basically just a survival.
    I made all my own models for this map, but used BeamNG textures for the meshwalls, terrain and decalroads.
    I am new to texturing so the models do look a but cartoonish but I am learning as I go.

    How to change the cars:
    Goto mod manager and Mods at the top, in the game menu
    Click hddpv2 and click unpack
    Find in documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\unpacked\hddpv2\levels\hddpv2\scenarios the race/prefab file that you want to change
    (Use this program to make it easier to see https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ )
    Each block of code that starts with
    new BeamNGVehicle(ai*) {
    represents an ai vehicle

    Change the two jbeam names (jbeam and config) as well as the config name for the cars you want.
    To see what the car's file names are, go to your game directory,

    Neilogical's video

    Road Oval race 1

    Arena Course race 1

    Dirt Oval race1

Recent Updates

  1. Darker dirt
  2. more fixes
  3. Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. bg427
    Version: v1.3.4
    Fantastic mod, especially for potato PCs like mine.
  2. G-Farce
    Version: v1.3.3
    Perfection. Love the computer friendliness
    Version: v1.3.1
    thanks for the mod mate! my potato approved this mod
  4. corneliu
    Version: v1.2
    Great. Could you please make a city of a similar size?
  5. Mr_Yiuli
    Version: v1.1
    Love this so much !!!
    Can you make more or make it possible to change cars ?
  6. jake44
    Version: v1.1
    omg thanks you so much i been waiting so long for something like this thank you 10/10 from me
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