HighDef's Derby Park Volume 1 v1.3.4

A potato friendly derby venue with race scenarios for 4-12 thread CPUs

  1. Darker dirt

    Adjusted the colour of the rocky dirt
  2. more fixes

    tidied up some terrain
  3. Fixes

    Fixed floating wall
    Updated thumbnail
  4. 2 themed scenarios

    I experimented with more than one decalroad for the ai to follow and they were worse so that's out of the window.
    Added all Van 11 ai scenario to all tracks
    Added all Bluebuck Stock Car config with short course gearing, 11 ai scenario to Road Oval track for some reason..
  5. 2 new scenarios!

    Added 2 new 11 AI race scenarios (All vans and all stock cars)
    made all decal roads invisible
  6. Prefab fix

    Fixed missing blocker walls in Road Oval race 1
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