HighDef's Derby Park Volume 2 v1.2

A potato friendly derby venue with race scenarios for 12 thread CPUs

  1. HighDef

    Volume 2 of my eco derby park collection brings one big arena, the Clover Bowl, that has four banked curves and a large intersection in the middle.
    I created this derby map to run as light as possible on your system.

    Again, this is intended for multiplayer use but I have included 3 (for now) race scenarios that are more survival than race, as they don't count for position, only finishing.
    Use the editor in multiplayer to setup derby walls and objects. I will add some models for obstacles and ramps at some point.

    Race 1
    Clover config

    Race 2

    Race 3
    Crossover Clover config

    Because this venue is so large, I have only included the high spec scenarios. By design, this demands more cars on course, otherwise there is a much lower chance of there being anything more than driving round a basic looking level.
    If you have a low spec system, please try Volume 1 as that has similar scenarios but some spec'd for 4 core CPUs.

    How to change the cars:
    Goto mod manager and Mods at the top, in the game menu
    Click hddpv2 and click unpack
    Find in documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\unpacked\hddpv2\levels\hddpv2\scenarios the race/prefab file that you want to change
    (Use this program to make it easier to see https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ )
    Each block of code that starts with
    new BeamNGVehicle(ai*) {
    represents an ai vehicle

    Change the two jbeam names (jbeam and config) as well as the config name for the cars you want.
    To see what the car's file names are, go to your game directory,

Recent Updates

  1. thumbnail fix
  2. Fixed scenario Thumbnails
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