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Beta HighDef's Stunt Show Academy 0.9.5

The name means nothing really It's just a bunch of scenarios that give easy access to big crashes :)

  1. Another Skittles run and some fixes.

    Added Skittles 2
    Changed the dummy cars in Roofbog 2 to Burnsides
    Added colour to some of the dummy cars on various scenarios
    Removed 'Well Done' messages
  2. Dummy cars included

    Added the Dummy Cars mod

    A lot of people don't seem to be getting the required mods and without Dummy Cars I am sure it would be near impossible for most people to run with all the cars fully dressed.
  3. Long high jump

    Added Jump 3 scenario
    Fixed intro text on Jump 2
  4. Fixes

    Another screenshot fix
    Fixed time of day for Junction 2
  5. Added more content

    Added Junction 2
    Added a stripped Hero Bus config
    Fixed text in Junction 1
  6. Screenshot fix

    Screenshot fix for Endurance 2
  7. Added more scenarios

    Added Endurance 2
    Added Roof Bog 2
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