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Experimental Hirochi Figure 8 Races 0.3

Multi-class figure 8 races against 5, 7 or 9 AI opponents

  1. Race mode & The Big 8

    • Race mode: now waits for the player to cross the finish line, end message shows the final position (huge thanks to Gamergull finding the magic ingredients)
    • The Big 8 race: added 2 new scenarios (7 & 9 AI variants) on the new derby track
    • Flashing messages: if the AI reaches the finish before the player, a flashing message will show their name and final position. Another notification will be shown if the player...
  2. Small improvements

    • Made the start smoother
    • New configs for all cars: More individual looking opponents and more derby like
    • AI improvements: They should race closer in a pack and longer without crashing (at least in the first 4 laps)
    • Different player car: More power but also more delicate (only in 9 AI race)
    • Scenario end triggers: Showing correct message now if you win/lose, although AI will end the scenario if they arrive first...
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