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Alpha Hirochi Sunburst Electic Engine sound (VERY WIP) 0.1

makes the Hirochi Sunburst have an electric engine

  1. olamercedes
    Basic Description

    This resource replaces the original BeamNG.drive engine sound with a new electric engine sound for the Sunburst.

    Some words of interest

    *Don't take this seriously, take it as an idea because i have difficulties making the mod like an electric engine (like having no idle sound just like in real life) and just give me time and it will be great*, you have my full permission to use it in a video but ask me before you start editing the file!

    To download the resource

    All you have to do to install the resource is to download the file and drag it in to your mods folder. its that easy!!


    please do not install the mod with other sound replacement mods, it might interfere with the other resources and might not work or crash.


    Resource made by: olamercedes​

Recent Reviews

  1. rick harrison
    rick harrison
    Version: 0.1
    don't get it it sounds like a can opener and doesn't change the car
    1. olamercedes
      Author's Response
      that's why its in such work in progress
  2. Ovahlls
    Version: 0.1
    Had the mod on my other account, and let me say... It was pretty frickin' awesome! The car sounds like a retarded Tesla from time to time but it really releases that electricity!
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