Outdated Hirochi Supercars 1.1

Really fast Hirochi cars

  1. 1500 Horsepower SBR4

    This SBR4 Is like no other. It's engine can produce 1500 Horsepower and reach speeds of 290+ MPH. The speed of this car is unreal.

    Hirochi now has hands of the fastest uploaded supercar in BeamNG. (For Now)

    Pictures: took lots for you people who love pictures <3

    BeamNG2017-11-0322-56-22-13.png BeamNG2017-11-0322-56-52-13.png BeamNG2017-11-0322-57-12-68.png BeamNG2017-11-0322-56-33-37.png BeamNG2017-11-0322-59-49-78.png BeamNG2017-11-0322-56-40-97.png ...
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