Hokodo Hachi 1.0

Hokodo Hachi is japanese car.

  1. Car123609
    Hokodo Hachi was one of the companies first creations being made in 1967 not big, but not too small but somewhere inbetween the car was popular for family's who where on a tight budget including a bog standard 115 mph cc OHV 2v Inline 4 and all the luxuries a family needs including a AM radio and Vinyl Interior With wood accents and a shabby sport mode which boosts it to up to 115mph. But it was also used as a errand runner for japanese companies which could not afford vans since the car only cost 59,222.67 yen or £350 in the uk and $539.42 in the us and for europe 454.23 euros which made it a highly popular car for new starters and for businesses. Having sold 300,000 units in its first year and 700,000 in its last year being in 1970 only 234,000 remain worldwide with seconds hand ones costing up to anywhere from 3000 to 15,000 so have fun fetching.


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