Homer's Custom Pink Sedan (Beater Car) 1.0

Homer couldn't afford a Volvo winter beater.

  1. BrunoTheMerlin
    HiResPhoto21.png HiResPhoto22.png
    Homer Simpson's Homemade Winter Beater
    It is certainly not the fastest beater car you could find, but Mr.Simpson did honest work on his 73 Valiant for you to have fun or speedo-dorifto... something like that. BBS wheels that values more then the car itself and weight way more then the stock version since Rally lights and rims are so useful for rookie parking teen drifters at midnight.
    Goodluck and have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. p=p
    Version: 1.0
    some one who knows his car is a 73 valiant that and good car mod
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